Week 20 – 4lbs Lost – Total So Far 3 Stone 4 Lbs

3 stone lost in 18 weeksThis weeks weigh in was a 4 lbs loss and I am so pleased as I was terrified when I got on the scales last night. (as many of you will will know I have switched to SW) and I have been following the original plan but combining it a little with Cambridge to ensure my carbs stay as low as possible and it seems to be working so far.

All the great stuff I learned from doing Cambridge Diet like PORTION CONTROL has stuck in my brain and healthy choices and I didn’t have a bit of chocolate over the Easter Weekend, wasn’t even bothered…I really feel like I have finally broken a 25 year cycle of binging and eating unhealthy foods and feel I AM CONTROLLING FOOD RATHER THAN IT CONTROLLING ME and it feels great :-)

I am 100% sure I’ll never go back to my old habits as I have done so many times before. I don’t even crave sweet stuff anymore which is really weird as I used to binge on it all the time..I am well and truly focused on the wedding dress and then beyond that :-)

I got prepared on Saturday once we had done the shopping and I also made a list to make sure I got all the ingredients I needed. I spent a lot of the weekend making soups, SW Chilli and loads of other recipes/foods off the Slimming World website to ensure I continue to make good choices and always have something ready in the freezer so I am never stuck for what I am going to have. Preparation is the key to any healthy eating plan i think, I used to prepare on Cambridge so I see no reason to change this it works so well.

This weekend I just had to give in and buy some new Jeans, my old ones were falling off me and comments from the guys at work were lovely on the weight loss but “your jeans are so baggy you need some new ones” was a bit of a topic :-) which was funny and annoying at the same time.

I cannot explain how great it felt going into NEXT or “a normal shop” to buy some new Jeans instead of heading to the plus shops as I normally would have done. First I picked up the size 18s and my other half said erm no… you need 16’s.. so I grabbed both pairs and headed off into the changing rooms as I was convinced I wasn’t quite there yet and they looked to small so guess what I did?..yup I tried the bigger ones on first and thought umm these are nice a loose I’ll have these, then I thought I haven’t even tried the smaller ones on yet ummm ok I need to give them a go.

I picked up the smaller ones and looked at the waist and thought no way my fat @ss is fitting into those …but I buckled and tried them on and they actually fitted really well, I was quite surprised as I never expected them to fit so well. I think because I have worn baggy stuff for years I didn’t feel comfortable trying the smaller ones on in case they were too fitted or tight… but I ended up buying 2 pairs (other in a different style), £50 for the two…Bargain! :-)

I have not thrown out any of my clothes as I intend to keep them as a reminder of never to go back to that state again its the best form of motivation, I kinda like clothes shopping now (well more than I did), I hated it before and was a real @ss when stuff didn’t fit me and I used to get so angry and upset I would just go home and eat.

Now I cant wait to get that remaining 2 stone 10 lbs off so I can do some serious shopping :-)

If you are one of my Cambridge dieter buddies do not click the link below!!! stay focused, stick with the plan and you get the results you want – you know you can do it!

If youre a Slimming World member you can view my food diary for this last week here

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