Week 20 – Bodily Functions Are A Major @iss Off – 1/2Lb Gained

onwards and upwardsOK so this week was the week I was dreading after a great 4 lbs loss last week on my first week on Slimming World, bodily function week is always a problem for weigh in week, ask any women, with water retention, bloating etc. I must admit I still thought I would be OK having never gained on CWP when this happened so I was quite relaxed about it.

I had eaten all the right things again as you will see from my week 2 food diary I published earlier, followed the plan strictly as I had always planned to do, tried some new recipes and made some new sauces from the little book of sauces I bought in group last week and even tried baked Salmon which I had never tried before so I was full of confidence. The week before was also Easter and I stayed on track then too so I thought no way I won’t have a loss this week again as nothing is going to catch me out and I haven’t had anything other than sticking with the plan.

But @uck when I got on the scales last night and saw a 1/2lb gain I could have cried there and then.

I was quite upset as I had never gained in this situation and felt like I had let myself down and all those horrible emotions came flooding back on being a weight loss failure once again. I have been so motivated the last 4 months and was ecstatic with my loss last week and thought nothing could bring me down but it is amazing what a tiny gain through no fault of your own can do to your emotions, the body is a funny thing and doesn’t always behave how you want it to.

I am a very positive, motivated person generally and I don’t know why after all that hard work of losing 3 stone 4 lbs so far, it felt like it all came crashing down last night with a 1/2 lbs gain. Silly 1/2 lb why was I so distraught about it??? I came home and barked at my other half which I quickly apologised for but this is what happens, emotions take over a bit.

I think as I have struggled with my weight for over 20 years, 4 months of doing so well is a small amount of time for my way of thinking to change that quickly BUT this is why I love Slimming World and in particular the lovely friends I have made in various Facebook groups, group support is one of the most powerful things when you are trying to achieve something that is hard for most of us struggling with weight issues and in fine style I got some some great words of wisdom, people talking common sense and spurring me on and supporting me and explaining why this happened – it really puts it all into perspective when you speak to other people who understand. My body is also still adjusting to the plan change too so I shouldn’t have been so hard on myself.

BUT the most important thing……I never even thought about turning to food as a comfort and filling my face full of @rap just because I felt so awful at the time……….this is definitely something that has changed, my mind set, this is the best thing for me as 4 months ago I would have thought @uck it and eaten stupid amounts of chocolate and sugary things, even then I wouldn’t feel better so binging is well and truly behind me.

I am even beginning exercise this week and intend to combat the 30 day shred, its brutal but you don’t get what you want if you don’t put in the effort. Exercise combined with healthy eating is the way forward for long term weight loss and maintenance…..

So onwards and upwards today is a new day a new week on plan and sticking with it 100% again and kicking the scales @ss next week :-)

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