Week 21 – Maintained Weight – & Wedding Dress Shopping EXCITING

gazebo wedding aborad near beachWell with only 20 weeks to go until my big day arrives, you have probably guessed it is abroad by the picture, and I am more desperate than ever to lose the remaining 2 stone 10 lbs. I want to lose which will make my total loss 6 stones.

This week I thought my food diary here looked ok (same as my other 2 weeks since I have been on Slimming World), not high in Syns, eating the right things, possibly being a little lazy and substituting too many HEBs for a Hi Fi Bar but all within the confines’ of the Slimming World Original Plan, which is the one I have been following these last 3 weeks having come off Cambridge and lost 3 stones I didn’t want the weight to go back on, and it hasn’t.

Week 1 weigh in on Slimming World was fantastic at 4 lbs. loss and I was overjoyed. Last week was a bodily function week so I accepted the 1/2lbs gain is just normal water retention and this week I really thought I was in for a good loss again….but no it didn’t happen :-( I maintained and I am really confused.

I have been looking at my food diaries and they look fine, within plan, Syn’s accounted for etc. so I am desperately hoping next week is a loss I really deserve as I do really believe in this plan and know it works. I have thought about switching to Extra Easy but I am going to give Original one more week and see how it goes, the loss has to show this week surely and I am being 100% true in my food diaries so I am not lying to myself either. I am drinking 2-3 litres of water a day so I am confident I am hydrated enough but any other thoughts/suggestions would be most appreciated.

One lady has suggested I mix up my HEB breakfast choices which I think is a fair comment as I tend to have Weetabix or Shredded Wheat so I will try and give this a go and see J

The Big Day Approaches – only 20 weeks away now EEEKK

My big day is in 20 weeks exactly, time seems like it is flying by now and reality is beginning to set it lol. I am so looking forward to it and my weight loss journey has been focused on looking fabulous on my wedding day and changing my eating habits for life which I am doing already. I am happy to say I have finally stopped the binging I used to do so often, it’s a mind-set change and portion control is a huge lesson I have learned so far too.

The Cake

We finalised the cake Monday night which is going to be a 4 tier amazing cake and I know the lady making it is going to do a stunning job, I think she is more nervous than we are :-)

The Dress

Yesterday I finally decided it was time to try on some wedding dresses and get it ordered – some of you will probably go OMG I would have ordered it months ago lol but I have waited as long as I dare now, as I have shed a fair amount of weight so far and have been looking forward to trying on some amazing dresses and picking THE ONE.

I knew I would know which dress it would be when I tried it on so yesterday me and my mum arrived for my appointment and the consultant gave me a customer card to fill in with the wedding date I needed my dress by etc. etc.

I had a wedding dress in mind having looked on the website before- hand which she had for me to try on, she also picked one she thought would suit me well and asked me to pick some others and went through with me about styles and which ones she thought would be best for me. Wedding Dress consultants always know which style will suit you and she was very lovely when I pointed to a dress in the window which wouldn’t have suited me at all. I know wedding dresses are not cheap and having been to some wedding fairs I had a budget in mind which I think most people have.

I first of all tried the dress on I had selected first, it was lovely but most bridal shops have dresses which are too small or too big in most cases and I couldn’t really get a picture of what it would look like in the right size but wasn’t sold on it and it wasn’t what I thought it would be so that knocked out selection number 1 :-)

Dress no 2 was an elegant ivory color with lots of crystals and netting and I have to say I thought I looked amazing in it. It was not the type of dress I had in mind and I always thought as my bust is quite big I would have to go with straps but this one changed my mind completely. I loved it but thought this dress seems a little plain but classic so I was eager to try on the others of the same type of style I had picked to see what they looked like too.

Dress no 3 & 4 I dismissed quite quickly but Dress no 5 was when I began to think about detail and my dress fitting in with our colours and lots of other tiny details you consider when picking a wedding dress, the detail on this dress was stunning and was totally me.

My eyes lit up as I approached the mirror and I saw how it looked, the smile on my face I think said it all and my eyes gleamed with excitement. My mum loved it but as mums do lol she said how about this other one, which was similar to the one I had on but had a bit more detail in it, so I tried it on but all the while my mind was fixated on the one I had just tried on before. Although the detail was in a different colour to what I wanted I tried to imagine best I could and I loved the idea of my waist looking so slim, I knew I had found THE ONE….then it was time for the “lets price it up bit”

So I slipped into the changing room for the consultant to do all my measurements so she could price it up for me…..I kind of breathed a sigh of relief as it was only slightly over budget but I am having the dress I want :-)

I took the plunge and ordered a size down from her recommendations as I will lose another 2 stone 10 lbs. and there is no way that is not going to happen……I can’t wait till it comes into the shop for my fitting but I will have to wait nearly 4 months to see it. It all feels very real now I have the dress, it is strange and I can’t wait until September.

What Does My Dress Look Like?

Well of course I am not going to tell you anything more about the dress, that’s a secret until I make my entrance on the day, but I am @rap at keeping secrets so I’ll probably feed you little bits of info without realising it anyway J

I now need to find the right shoes, under wear, make up, how I am having my hair and loads of other things I need to decided, You are probably thinking I should be panicking with only 20 weeks to go but generally I am happy go lucky so I am not stressed and our wedding abroad planner is making things as easy as they could possibly be I think…maybe I should feel stressed but I don’t…yet..

…..ask me in 2-3 months if I am stressed you will probably get a different answer :-)

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