Week 22 – Woohoo 1.5 Lbs Off – First Meal Out in 5 Months

weight loss yesOK so this week I really had to dig deep and keep the willpower going as the last couple of weeks have been a real disappointment so I was determined to ensure I had a loss this week and to change anything I could to make it happen. I wanted to give the original plan another go this week too as I feel more comfortable on the original plan, I am sure I will work myself to Extra Easy at some point but for now Original is for me.

Some comments on my last weeks food diary (week 3) really helped me re-focus and realise what I was doing wrong and that was not eating enough in a lot of cases. That is one of the things I find hard after doing Cambridge and being so restricted on food choices, it makes you a little scared, silly but true and adjusting to a new eating regime can be hard in the first few weeks as your body adjusts to the changes. Cambridge Weight Plan taught me portion control and totally changed my mind set on how I look at food and the binging I used to do I don’t even think about doing so I have a lot to be thankful for to Cambridge Weight Plan, those are things I would never have learned on my own and are invaluable lessons for the future.

I did speak to my Slimming World consultant last night too about it and everything she said to me made perfect sense and I am just being impatient – me impatient NOOOOOOOOO….being impatient is one of my downfalls :-)

The Weigh In & This Friday Night’s Meal Out…eekk

I was delighted when I got on the scales last night and it showed a 1.5Lbs loss, it felt great to be loosing again after a odd couple of weeks on the plan, 2 more Lbs and I will be showing off my Slimming World 1/2 Stone award :-) that is my target for this week, to lose the 2lbs to get me to another milestone :-)

Group was entertaining as usual last night, we always have a laugh, and when it came to my turn I explained this Friday night we have been invited out for a Chinese meal with some friends we haven’t seen for ages and I chinese foodwas a bit concerned about what to have as I want that loss next week and do not want to blow it. This will be my first meal out in 5 months!

I will be driving so alcohol will not be an issue but it is also a buffet Chinese where they bring stuff to the table which consists of starters, duck and main courses, everyone usually fills up on the starters & duck as they taste so nice and then are too full to have any main. I have to be the opposite I think.

I intend to avoid the starters unless there is a chicken satay (no batter or sauce on it) option which there hopefully will be and then have a chicken in black bean sauce or a chow mein, noodles & rice type meal. That way I know there will be Syns to count but fried starters will just blow the Syns out of the water and I will totally regret it the next day too so being careful and controlled is something I have to be ……but it is often hard when you are with a group of people and they are tucking in to some of the things you really shouldn’t have and you sit there with a stick of chicken pretending it tastes as good as the seaweed, prawn toast and all the other lovely things I know will be there but I think I can cope with it, after all it is my first meal out in 5 months (since I began) so it will be a good test too.

Other people in group last night just said go and enjoy it and have a flexi Syn day and it is only one day of the 7 and get back on it the next day. I guess this is the right way to do it, but not binge, just enjoy a little bit of everything, and get back on plan the next day, that is the beauty of Slimming World, nothing is off limits…I am still not sure what to do but I think I am leaning towards just being sensible and avoiding the high fat, fried starters.

I would love to know people suggestions on what I should eat too, feel free to comment below I would be very grateful for any help…

I think it will also be worth me going through my book and looking at the Syn values of all the Chinese foods so I know exactly what things to avoid like the plague that way I will know and if I don’t then stick to it I can only blame myself If I mess it up as I am pretty sure if I call them as it is a buffet only offering I wont be able to stipulate what I want but I can certainly say what I don’t want when it comes to the table :-)

I’lll keep you posted on how it goes…………..

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