Week 23 1lb Lost – But A Very Very Sad & Emotional Week

simba1I am a little late writing this update but this week I lost a 1lb which I was OK with, was hoping for more but i guess the beauty of weight coming off slowly means it will stay off in the long run.

I have 35 Lbs to go to target (which will means a total of 6 stones lost) and I have 17 weeks to go to my final wedding dress fitting so if I average 2 lbs a week from now on I can do this. It wouldn’t be a disaster if I only lose 28 lbs (2 stone) before then but I really want to be at target by the time this comes around :-) I didn’t stay to group this week…..now for the sad part….

My poor little cat Simba (in picture above) was rushed to the vets Saturday night and appeared to have been run over and was very distressed bless him his back legs  were not working at all…. he hadn’t actually been run over but was diagnosed with having a blood clot (thrombosis) which was blocking blood flow to his back legs, the vets were fantastic and he was kept in until last Wednesday and although was OK in himself his back legs showed no signs of improvement, the vets let us go in a see him every day an spend some time with him which was lovely for us but we were delivered the horrible news we had been hoping we wouldn’t hear, we had to make the very painful and sad decision to have him put to sleep. it was touch and go from the beginning but we were hoping he would pull through.

It was a horrible few days and I just couldn’t face being happy and jolly in group when i was so sad so i did go and get weighed but made my excuses and left. I just wanted to be at home with my other half as we were both very upset.

simba 2Simba was nearly 8 and a special little cat, we had seen him born and had all that time with him but the house feels that little bit emptier now he has left us. He was such a soft cat, loved us and I and my other half remember those cute little eyes when he was a tiny baby looking up at us from his box with his brothers and sisters, it was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

3 weeks after he was born his poor mum died suddenly after giving birth to her litter which was awful for us and for the kittens, they had to grow up really quickly, we had to litter train them earlier than usual too and hand feed them for a while, rusks are messy enough without 5 tiny kittens learning to eat by themselves :-)

We have some lovely memories and will miss him a lot, the house, although we have 4 other cats, seems very empty and quiet right now and I am sure they miss him too. When you do not have children (or even when you do) your animals are part of your family and our cats are our babies, we will miss him loads…………….

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