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Order Xanax OvernightLooking back on this week a heck of a lot has happened, Obviously very disappointed with a ½ lb gain but looking over my Xanax Online Uk Forum it is very clear Thursday night in London at our Annual Awards is the culprit for it, alcohol mainly, (and body functions also play a little part of this week’s @ock up too) so although I was cross last night when I got weighed, looking over my Alprazolam Purchase Online particularly Thursday I know where it went wrong. This week no mistakes, I am due a good loss now and it is going to be next week’s weigh in!!!

I had been looking forward to our Bauer Magazine & Digital Awards for a while which comes around once a year where we all go to London, this year and the last couple of years, has been at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel, a pretty nice spot in Westminster and it is a pretty fab bash where we celebrate the successes of the last year and the magazines and digital products which have been outstanding, yes Heat & Grazia are two of our famous magazine titles :-) anyway the dinner was lovely as usual but it was the alcohol which was a big issue – @hit in fact when I think about it I need to add 2 cans of Bacardi and diet coke to my food diary which I drank on the way down to Xanax Sales OnlineLondon ooops – there is a cocktail reception and I did go a bit mad on the champagne, plus beer and wine on the table which never seems to run out plus tokens at the bar for spirits etc after the awards.

Pretty impressive acts this year were The Saturdays and Blue who have just done the Big Reunion, the whole evening is always very enjoyable and our teams table was right at the front which was pretty cool, ok ok you get the picture :-) and a few pictures are scattered around this post which you can all scream at later and go OMG lol :-)

I didn’t actually think I had drank that much to be honest but once I had calculated the Syns of all the alcohol, that day was over 70 Syns – I was then good for the rest of the week but still had reasonable Syns so it took me over my weekly allowance, this is how one night out can blow your entire week sometimes and I am sure loads of you readers can Best Online Xanax Reviewsrelate to this too, I don’t think I had that many drinks but the Syns still have come up very high but hey its once a year, I enjoyed myself, had a big headache the next day and next year I will do it all over again :-)

Of course this week was bank holiday weekend and for once we had some amazing weather here in east anglia and I actually enjoyed doing some gardening, I think there is something wrong with me!! Then Sunday & Monday was perfect BBQ and sun lounging weather so we went out bought a BBQ and supplies. I made sure all of the food I had was Slimming World friendly and had lots of meat, no fat, new potatoes, tons of salad too and some chicken kebabs which we made with diced chicken, chunks of mushroom, onion and peppers and a sprinkle of Scwartz BBQ spice so I am confident everything I had was either Syned or free (most of it was free food) and I added everything to my food diary here so I know I was ok.

Xanax Prices OnlineThis is one of the reasons I love Slimming World is it is a flexible plan which allows you to be you, not antisocial, obviously you still need to be careful what you have when you have a night out but when I was doing my VCLD a month or so back I said no to so many social things BUT it did teach me control so I can’t complain.

I discovered Tescos Simply Heat BBQ Pulled Pork this week, it tastes amazing and it is FREE on Extra Easy & Original Plans, yummy I highly recommend if you have not tried it to give it a go.

Finishing off another highlight of the week I interviewed an amazing lady known on twitter as @WeightLossBitch who many of you I am sure who follow Slimming World have heard of or even spoken to. It is an amazing, inspiring interview from someone who began her journey at 43 stone and has lost an amazing 12 stones so far and wants to lose another 20 stone…………..healthy eating is hard??? Tell that to this lady……….

Buy Cheapest Xanax Online

Have a good week everyone, I am aiming for 3-4 Lbs loss this week I think I am due it and will be keeping my Syns low this week and see what the results are next Wednesday :-)

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Currently following Slimming World this blog is about my personal diet journey for long term changes and so i can look fabulous on my wedding day. You will find reviews of diet products, lots of tasty recipes and diet tips to help and inspire others on their diet journeys.

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