Week 25 – Maintained – Frustrated & Time For A Switch of Plan

confusedAs you can see by this weeks food diary the original plan just doesn’t seem to be working for me.

I have had 6 weigh ins at Slimming World and have only lost 5.5Lbs which I am really disappointed with. I know a loss is a loss but I feel I should have lost more than that in 6 weeks and no healthy eating plan is a quick fix I get that but I think that 5.5 Lbs in 6 weeks is pretty below average and I have been following the plan as you can see my 7 weeks worth of food diaries I have added here.

The last 6 weeks haven’t given me good loses and this week I even tried loads of new things too so my group have suggested I try the Extra Easy Plan which is a new plan for me and one I have never really followed before.

I guess the original plan appealed to me so much as I wanted to keep my carbs as low as possible and felt that EE might make me go off the rails in terms of portion control but I think I am in control enough to not do that again ever so I am going to give it a go.

Already I have tried pasta n sauce and different bits I wouldn’t have eaten on original because it was not Syn free food but I must remember EE is 1 HEA & 1 HEB (for my particular circumstances) where original I had 2 HEB choices – plus on EE 1/3 of your plate has to be super free foods which is an essential part of this plan.

Also I found a fab little recipe which I then tweaked and added here for Slimming World Sweets which are fantastic, I made some last night and one yoghurt goes a long way I can tell you and I will certainly be having those again, ideal when snacking in front of the TV.

Tonight will be a stock up at Morrison’s on some fruit and veg items to get me through next week and I am going to try and switch around breakfasts and try as many new things as I can to shake things up a bit. I really hope next week I can say I have had a good loss.

14 weeks and counting to my final wedding dress fitting and ideally I want to lose 2 stones so I can do it if I average 2 lbs per week but I will see how I go………..any other tips are welcome peeps………x

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