Week 26 – 2 Lbs Off – Finally My Half Stone Award With Slimming World & 3 Stone 7.5 Lbs Total Loss Now

half stone slimming world awardHaving lost 3 stone on Cambridge in 19 weeks and following Slimming World for 7 weeks I made the switch to the Extra Easy plan since the original plan had only given me a 5 1/2 lbs loss which I didn’t feel was good enough. Everyone at group swears by Extra Easy so I thought I would give it a go and shake things up again. With only 14 weeks to go until my final wedding dress fitting I really want to shed a minimum of 2 stone more so I will try anything to make sure that happens.

Finally this week a good loss of 2 Lbs brings me to a total loss of 3 stone 7.5 lbs and I picked up my half stone slimming world award this week, I really needed a good loss this week and so I am really pleased I finally got my reward. I know some may think little awards and words of encourage are a bit silly but this is one of the reasons I really like slimming world. It has an amazing support system and helps you through when you are not getting the losses you think you deserve as you have put in as much effort as you can – so this week has been a cracking week and I feel like I have turned a corner again :-)

slimming world sweetsI felt this week like I ate so much food as with EE you can have as much pasta and potatoes as you want but the key with this plan is making sure you have 1/3 of your plate super free foods, but ultimately portion control again is really important and to not over do the carbs. It has worked really well for me, took me a few days to adjust from original, but once I had got to grips with it there is so much more choice and options. I tried lots of different foods which you can see from this weeks food diary here and got lots of food ideas from my group and a really good facebook group and even made some slimming world sweets, recipe is here so all in all a good week and a good loss.

This next week is going to be a challenging week

  • I cant weigh in this next week as I am in Scotland on biz and don’t get back till late Wednesday night and will have no time to find a group to go and weigh in either plus an Indian meal to contend with.
  • I am attending a wedding reception Saturday night so there will be all sorts of nice foods I will have to be careful around, I am driving so alcohol wont be an issue

I have no idea what sort of foods I can choose going out for an Indian so it will be back to my book to make some sort of list of what foods I can have and those to stay away from, planning what I am going to have makes things a lot easier to cope with meals out and social events.

Since I wont be weighing in this week this is not an excuse to go off track and I certainly wont be either, you can have nights off and treats on slimming world but weighing in each week keeps you focused so missing a week is hard but not an excuse to pig out the first week and hope to pull it back for a loss the next week.

My binge eating days are well and truly over, I wrote about this a few weeks back here which you can read, I was truly disgusted by what I used to eat when I did binge eat and I can say with honesty I do not crave sweets things anymore and will never go back to that lifestyle. Even after the wedding I will continue with slimming world and hope to hit target before the wedding if I can but that will be my next goal if I don’t.

I was going to begin exercising this week and start running again but i find it really hard to get motivated to do any form of exercise and I do not want to rely on this to maintain my weight/keep on losing weight so I am putting this off for a while and see how I go. Sometimes I really feel like going out and doing a run (although I am so unfit I doubt I would run much to begin with) and other times I cant be bothered so the motivation is not there just yet so I’ll leave this for another time.

Anyway I have got 2 challenging weeks coming up now and I would really like a 4 lbs loss when I get back on the scales in 2 weeks time…………………

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