Week 27 A Wedding, A Short Break in Scotland but Missed Weigh In

ham beef and egg salad from obriensThis week I knew i was going to miss weigh in Wednesday night due to being away on a business trip for a couple of days, I hate missing weigh in as this keeps me focused plus there was no time to find a group in Dundee and attend as it was a full on 2 days work so I knew this week was going to be a difficult week.

I met with a friend for lunch on Thursday who I haven’t seen in ages but as you will see from my food diary this week I made good choices and had a lovely ham, beef and egg salad which was actually massive but I really enjoyed it and it was all free food so that was one hurdle I got over quite easily.

costa coffee cakes counterSaturday was a difficult day as I knew it would be. I went out with my mum during the day shopping for her wedding outfit (for my wedding) it was nice to spend some quality time with my mum trying on different clothes and having a giggle.

We had lunch and again I made a good choice of ham salad with some new potatoes and a black coffee so lunch was fairly easy, we even went to Costa coffee and I had a diet coke while she drank a very nice looking latte :-) I even avoided the lovely cakes you can see in the picture. Why is it a coffee house sells so many lovely things and not one of them is suitable if you are watching your weight?? some of the cakes are ridiculous calories which is why I never touch them and even the coffees are probably crazy calories as you can add all sorts to them, I was going to have an iced coffee till i asked what was in it!! Costa Coffee should cater for this as some of the cakes as lovely as they are and very tempting are just not worth the calories/Syns and I am sure they could provide choices for people dieting/watching weight – Costa Coffee I challenge you :-)

I then went back to my mums and got showered and changed ready to meet my other half at a friends wedding reception. I was driving so I knew alcohol would not be an issue at all, I do not drink much at all usually anyway but I was already thinking what food might be there. The wedding was set in a huge orchard on a massive farm (parents house) and the weather stayed nice all day so when I arrived my other half greeted me  a little tipsy (although they said they went not lol) and unfortunately there were no diet drinks but the bar was free so you can’t complain so I had a glass of lemonade to begin with and some water.

Then the cake had been cut and it would have been rude not to try the wedding cake :-) since it was chocolate so I thought sod it. The cake was amazing and my other half ate two pieces anyway so I didn’t feel bad about having one bit and it is a wedding for goodness sake, slimming world allows you to have a social life :-) and I had some beef and bread from the buffet, probably another piece of cake and a sausage roll I didn’t even know how to count the Syns for but i did quite a bit of dancing if that counts as body magic :-) all in all an amazing evening and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the music was a bit cheesy but you always get that at weddings and it is always funny people watching when you are sober and seeing how many people make tits of themselves, but then again if I hadn’t have been driving I would have been a drunk as most anyway

apex hotel dundee in scotlandTuesday I was away in Scotland for 2 days so knew I would be missing weigh in and food would be difficult as i was in a hotel and also being taken out for an Indian so you will see from my food diary I think I made the best choices I could have, it was a tiring two days but really worth the trip. My room which had been booked for me was lovely and had a nice view too, shame It was only an overnight stay but I was glad to be back home in my own bed.

This week has no doubt been full of food challenges and I am now focusing this week on making sure I keep my Syns as low as I can to make sure I have a loss Wednesday night. I am looking forward to it and buying the new Slimming World magazine so I can keep trying new recipes and keep myself in the zone.

Only 12 weeks to go to my final dress fitting so I have to be 100% focused.

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