Week 28 It Is Getting Harder To Lose Each Week But Willpower Will Prevail

quark sweetner and options hazelnut 11g sachetThis weeks weigh was a 1/2 lbs gain and I really struggle to see where I am going so wrong if I am honest and I am totally fed up moaning about it in blog posts too, looking at my food diary here this week I think I may be having too many new potatoes maybe but Syns are ok and maybe I need to change up my breakfasts a bit but everything else looks OK I think. I am eating plenty of Super Free foods too so I am really hoping I begin to get back to losing ways again very soon. I know this is a slow process and I am proud of the 3 1/2 stone I have lost so far, I would be happy with a lb a week.

What annoys me a little in group :-) is when some people lose 2-3 lbs and confess they have eaten really bad stuff and a lot of it too, I cannot get away with going off track even a little bit, some people are so lucky and maybe it will catch up with them next week but it is so disheartening when you know you have stuck to plan and don’t get the reward you deserve. I have be frustrated nearly every week on this weight loss journey and I think that’s the thing. The body reacts differently to changes you make in your food choices and portion control is really important too so maybe I do need to cut back a bit on the new potatoes and see what next week brings, Ive lost 3 1/2 stone so why am I moaning :-) fast weight loss is not sustainable, I know I am doing it the right way I just have to be patient.

I bought the new magazine this week and am going to do some new recipes and batch cooking for the freezer at the weekend as planning is the key to Slimming World, well it is with me anyway. Weigh loss and maintenance and is long process and you have to be really focused and I am certainly that and this is a life style change for sure so I will deal with the ups and downs and take it all in my stride. By the time I get married in 12 weeks time I will have done most of the hard work, then I need new goals to focus on to keep me going and maintaining.

Sick of Muller Lights? Some alternatives…………..

I have to say I am sick of the back teeth of Muller light yoghurts at the moment and I think it is because I know they are free and I don’t need to think about it but I need some new free yoghurt options to try now……..

  • Quark with loads of sweetener (yum and creamy)
  • weight watchers yoghurts
  • Activia 0% fat free



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