Week 29 – 2 lbs Lost – Total Loss Now 51 Lbs – Not Long Till I Hit 4 Stone

slimming world raspberry cheesecakeThis week I was so pleased to have lost 2lbs having had a dodgy couple of weeks without losing much at all and seeing hard work finally rewarded. I am now 51lbs down (3 stone 9 lbs) and will be hitting my 4 stone loss soon which will be another milestone in my journey. There is a recipe below for rice pud which is gorgeous too.

I have 10 weeks left till my final wedding dress fitting so things are starting to hot up a bit with everything and I am not going to hit 6 stone total loss before then, but curbing negativity I reckon I can lose 20 more lbs between now and then which will take me just over 5 stone so pretty darn close to where I wanna be. Of course this all doesn’t stop after I get married, its a life long change and that has always been my long term goal, I will get to the 6 stone loss and see how I feel and then decide if I want to go a bit more :-)

This week at group we had a taster night which is always good as you get loads of new recipe ideas from people and get to make something nice to share too so my usual sick on a plate presentation skills needed to change :-) I made a SW cheesecake (in picture above) and here is the recipe which went down a stormer so I was really pleased everyone like it and wanted to try it. There were some fab ideas such as chilli burgers, ginger cake, trifle loads of stuff I like, I like sweet things :-)

Taster nights are really useful and I wish we had more of them, once a month would be good. I also discovered rice pudding made with blue diamond almond milk which I have never tried before and think I am a tad addicted to it at the moment. Plus a tub of quark, with an options drink mixed in with sweetener make a nice desert too with strawberries

See this weeks food diary for more meal ideas here

blue diamond original almond milkQuick Recipe – Slimming World Rice Pudding – Free on Extra Easy

200ml of blue diamond Almond milk (500ml is a HEA)
60g pudding rice
Add sweetener to taste
Mix together
Cook for 30-35 minutes
Add loads of Super Free fruit and enjoy – great for breakfast :-)

A New Tshirt

So I have been buying myself a couple or so new t shirts for work recently and I have never been able to fit into Super Dry stuff before, I did buy a couple of fairly tight fitting ones a few weeks back here to inspire me to keep going which I reckon when I am at goal I will look pretty darn good in haha but I popped in on Saturday to have a look round and spotted a t shirt I really liked which actually looked quite a bit bigger but it is a standard ladies large size (Super Dry stuff is tight fitting) and after trying it on I couldn’t believe it fitted so I bought it.

I tell you I wouldn’t swap the feeling I have now for any amount of cake or chocolate, the best feeling in the world is trying on clothes in a normal shop and being able to actually buy something and being comfortable in it

This week I am introducing some exercise by starting to play Squash again………..should be interesting :-)….i’ll update you next week on how it goes :-)

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