Week 32 – Maintained – Plus Wedding Ring Selections

wedding ringsSome of the feedback on my food diary this week is I don’t eat enough and should use variety a bit more which I think are valid points, however women’s issues also played a part this week so I am really hoping this next weeks weigh in shows as a nice loss, I only need 3 lbs to get to 4 stone loss so fingers crossed this week is a good one.

Ideally by the time my wedding dress fitting comes round I want to have lost those 3 lbs plus another stone which would take me to a 5 stone loss overall, I am thinking now time is quite tight with only 7 weigh ins to go but average 2 lbs a week should mean I can loose a stone at least. When I get back from my honeymoon I want to loose another stone too and my journey will continue although getting these last few lbs off is proving hard going but I will get there eventually.

Anything I can do to boost my weight loss feel free to comment below as right now I really need as many ideas as I can get to get me over the finishing so to speak :-)

This week was really exciting as we picked up our wedding rings, I couldn’t wait to get home and try it on, its a perfect fit just like I hope our wedding day will be :-)  we also sent out our evening invitations out which we saved a small fortune on my making them ourselves, they turned out really well and I bunged some sprinkles in the envelopes to be annoying :-) but also to get the turquoise colour in there since the invitations where black and white and our colours also include turquoise.

We also sorted the table plan, what a pain in the @ss that was, so things are coming along quite nicely, I don’t feel stressed yet but I bet I will when its only a couple of weeks to go :-)

Anyway hope you are all having a good week and staying on track, weigh in tomorrow night so fingers crossed for me :-)

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