Week 33 Lost 2.5 Lbs – Only 1/2 Lb Away From 4 Stone Lost – 6 Weeks To Go To Final Dress Fitting

slimmer of the weekI am a little late writing this post since the weather has been so fantastic I have been busy sunning myself in an attempt to get a bit of a pre-wedding tan but Wednesday nights weight in was a 2.5lbs loss which means I have 1/2 a measly lb to go to a loss of 4 stone, I also got Slimmer of the Week so i was pretty chuffed with myself.

When I look back on the last 33 weeks it has been ups and downs but more ups I think since I have been so focused on the wedding and the dress and wanting to look my best I don’t think I have ever been so focused on anything before. Weightloss has ruled my life for the past 33 weeks and will continue to be so for a long time to come and i’ll need a new goal after the wedding to keep me focused and get to my 6 stone total loss as soon as I can.

I think I can lose another 11.5 lbs before my dress fitting if I really focus 1000% and do everything I have been taught and don’t make any mistakes. I am sure I can do this but the scales can be cruel at times as I have found out, but I am going to do my very best to meet this mini target I have set myself. Toning up now is also important so after Wednesday nights weight in I am going to begin the 30 day shred (me and my other half are going to do it together) and follow it through and take pics before and after so i can see how much of a difference it can make to my figure, I have a few wobbly bits including a couple of bingo wings so I’ll be careful not to wave my arms about too much otherwise I may take off :-) so I need to do something to tone up the flabby bits.

Losing nearly 4 stone has totally changed me, I can buy clothes I want to wear rather than stuff I have to wear cause nothing else will fit, all my holiday shorts are now way too big for me so a shopping spree will be in order in 3-4 weeks time before we go to Cyprus to get married. I also find myself thinking about food a lot but in a positive way such as what i am going to have for tomorrows meals, PLANNING is so important, how many syns are in certain foods and looking for healthier alternatives, even turning down Pimms in the sunshine because it has 4.5 Syns in 35ml, and not worth the syns at this stage in my journey I would rather stick with Pepsi Max :-)

I also worry about the hen do which is 6 weeks away and how much alcohol I may drink and what the impact might be, I intend to enjoy myself but not go over board and keep in mind what all this hard works means to me not just for the wedding but beyond that, control is important.

I was saying to my other half how even sunbathing is so much easier when your smaller (I know it sounds stupid) , I don’t get uncomfortable like I used to and can totally say that I am 100% contented with my life now the weight has gone – but I want 2 more stone off as soon as I can so there is more hard work to do yet but i know before the wedding that is unrealistic but I think 11.5 lbs is a good goal to aim for in 6 weeks but as we know loosing every week gets harder after you have lost so much already but I am sure I can do this and I know my slimming world group will help me along the way.

This week in preparation for the wedding the home party/reception invites have been posted out, table planning is done too and this week I have to buy my tiara, shoes and jewelry and knock some more to do’s off the list. The wedding is coming around so quickly now and i think a bit of stress is setting in a little plus work is so busy right now just loads of stuff going on but i keep thinking 32 1/2 working days until I am off for 3 whole weeks, I can’t wait plus the home party reception when we get back from Cyprus is going to be fab, and I get to wear my dress twice :)

This weeks weigh in has to be at least 1/2 lb which should be easy and get me beyond 4 stone loss, ill update you later in the week how it goes but Ive been on track 100% so mistakes so I don’t see any reason why this week wouldn’t be over a 1lb at least.

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