Week 34 – 1.5Lbs Lost – Total Loss 4 Stone 1 Lbs – Another Milestone Reached

Last night I reached another major milestone with a 1.5lbs loss this now takes my weight loss to a staggering 4 stone 1 lbs – this means I have 1 stone 13lbs to go to my provisional target I have set myself, feeling pretty darn proud of myself right now I have to say :-) my pics below show my starting picture and my journey to where I am now. 34 weeks sounds like ages but it has flown by to be honest and I am enjoying all the benefits of being a much slimmer happier person all round.

weightloss so far 4 stone 1lbs off now

As I lost 3 stone before beginning slimming world last night I achieved my 1 stone award with slimming world, but my consultant still makes sure the group knows how much I have actually lost which is a lovely thing to do and very motivating to know that months ago it felt like I was never going to get to my goal weight and now I am less than a third of the way to go.

I am now less than 6 weeks away to my final wedding dress fitting and if I can keep on track I could get to the next milestone of 5 stone gone by that time. I am really proud of myself as I thought I could never do it and just kept putting it off but the weight continued to pile on and I just didn’t care. I am glad that frame of mind has now disappeared and so has 4 stones too, I think like many people in my situation nothing feels better than this, other than the fact I am getting married in less than 7 weeks, life it pretty perfect right now :-) beyond the wedding I will keep setting goals to ensure I continue to lose, get to target and then maintain my weight. Here is this weeks food diary and there are also over 100 days of my food diaries which I keep on this website to help me and to help others with ideas if they need them.

People ask me how I have done it, I can’t explain where the motivation and drive has come from and all I can say if if you want it badly enough you will achieve anything in life. Planning meals, group motivation from my slimming world group, Facebook groups, friends, family and an amazing and supportive other half have helped me get through some tough times along the way. With the right support and drive anyone can do this I promise you and you have to do it for yourself not anyone else.

Wedding Update

OK so this week we have sorted table plans and lots of other bits and pieces, everything is really coming together, still lots to do but slowly things are getting a tick next to them on the spreadsheet to do list :-) I need to buy my tiara, shoes, underwear and possibly new ear rings this weekend.

We have hair trials this Saturday with our hairdresser which will be good fun, I have some styles in mind, who knows what the finished article will be but knowing Louisa it will look fabulous anyway. I am pretty plain if I am honest and I am sure whatever she comes up with will not make me look not me, but me, if you know what I mean.

less than 6 weeks until the final dress fitting too which is constantly on my mind :-) those are all paid for a while ago and just waiting for the shop to ring and tell me it is in but that wont be for a few weeks yet, I can’t wait to see it.

The family and friends coming out to Cyprus with us are getting really excited now, because they get a nice holiday too, and I am starting to think about clothes – I need an entire new wardrobe of summer clothes – all my shorts and t shirts are way too big now, I need new swimming gear, basically everything. I am trying to wait a 2-3 more weeks just to see if I can slip down to the next size in clothes before I go and spend a fortune on new stuff, this dieting malarkey is costing me a small fortune but so worth it, so I will stop moaning :-)

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  1. Alexander says:

    Well done! Amazing work to have gotten where you are. However a 4 stone fart must have been painful!

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