Week 36 1/2 Lbs Loss – Now What Does My Wedding Dress Look Like?

question-markThis weeks loss was an OK one due to bodily functions yet again, I now know what to expect so don’t get over excited on those weeks :-) but a loss is a loss right? and I am 4lbs away from my next big milestone (4 1/2 stone loss) and the same away from my club 10 award with Slimming World so it will be nice when I lose those 4 lbs as I will pick up 2 awards on the same night :-) I don’t think I can do 4lbs in a week but definitely by weigh in next Weds I am sure but I’ll keep you posted after this weeks weigh in.

This all ties in nicely as my wedding dress arrives at the shop this Friday so next Friday (a week early than I was expecting) I will be having my final fitting before jetting off the Cyprus on 1st September. I cannot wait to see my dress again, it feels like it has been so long since I ordered it in week 21 but it is 15 weeks ago, in that time I have shed another stone and a half so the fitting will be interesting and fun. I did order a size down than what was recommended but I am sure it will need plenty of altering. Sorry I wont be posting any pictures of my dress until after our wedding home reception so you will have to wait to see it :-)

This will be the first time I will see my dress together with my jewelry and shoes as it has been difficult to imagine what it will look like all together and I am taking my mum with me which will be exciting for her but she will also need to pay attention on how to do up the corset at the back :-) all the family are getting very excited about the wedding now and also the fact they get a nice holiday too, not long to wait anyway :-)

The Hen do is 2 weeks on Saturday which will be an amazing weekend, I am sure my friends have some things in store, not sure what though which makes me a tad nervous but I will probably be so drunk I won’t care anyway. OK depends on what it is :-) looking forward to it anyway.

We have also been finalizing our home reception party guest list and details over the weekend, everything is coming together nicely now, having a wedding abroad also takes a lot of stress out of it too having a wedding co-coordinator sorting out everything for us has been a godsend and even though its been in Cyprus communication has been really easy and she has been so organized ( I guess she has to be) even chasing us on occasions and I thought I was an organized person :-)

This Saturday I was on the hunt for new holiday clothes having cleared out all my old big clothes last weekend my wardrobe is looking very empty right now. I managed to get some bits and pieces but could not find any shorts and I must have scoured every shop in town so I have ended up ordering some online from Sports Direct. I just wanted some day to day ones and smarter shorts for evenings and I hope they fit OK as I couldn’t obviously try them on. They were cheap enough as once Ive lost the full 6 stone and at target I will have to shop all over again so spending too much on new clothes now isn’t a good idea but I have to have new stuff for the holiday/honeymoon.

I can understand now why women enjoy clothes shopping so much, I used to hate it, but being able to go into any shop and find clothes that fit you rather than being so limited to a handful of shops because of the size you are is not fun at all and quite depressing. I even went into New Look and tried on a size 14 top which fitted perfectly, I cannot remember the last time I was a size 14 so I very shocked it fitted. I think I will settle around a size 12 ish as I have never been a size 10 in my life but who knows with the 6 stone gone what size I may be but all I can say is it feels @loody fantastic, why would I ever want to go back to my old self……NOT GONNA HAPPEN :-)

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