Week 38 – Maintained – 3 Days Till Hen Do &17 Days Till I Get Married EEEEKK

bride to be 2013So this weeks weigh in (which was Wednesday last week sorry bit late again with wedding planning taking over everything) was a little disappointing as I maintained and honestly do not know why as I felt a loss was for sure again, not sure at all why I maintained but the body works in mysterious ways sometimes, you expect to loose and don’t and do when you least expect it…weight loss is a weird journey sometimes but if you stick with it you will get the results you want I am kind of living proof of that. I really want that club 10 and 1 1/2 stone award from Slimming World this week and it looks like I am on for a good loss this week so keep your fingers crossed for me, I only need 1 1/2 lbs :-)this will then put me at 4 1/2 stone lost so far.

Friday I had my final wedding dress fitting, I had not seen the dress since I ordered it 17 weeks ago so it was amazing to see it again, in white as the one I tried on was ivory, and the detail on it stands out so much and looked lovely I am so happy with it and it didn’t need altering too much as I ordered it in a size down from what I was and was determined to fit into it. Pick it up a week on Thursday cant wait :-) then there will be 1 day left at work and then I am off for 3 whole weeks, bliss :-)

So there are now only 3 days to go until the hen do which is a weekend of boozing and silly shenanigans I am sure haha. I do keep finding myself having difficulty getting to sleep at night, think it must be excitement as everything is rolling round so quickly now and the hen do this weekend kicks off 4 weeks of awesome stuff, I wish it would just come around quicker but then I want to enjoy every minute of it so slower the better in that case :-) although I am sure it will fly by.

I also want to give another shout out to the lovely @weightlossbitch who has now lost an amazing 15 stones, if you don’t follow her on twitter or facebook already then you should. She has been one of my big inspirations on my weight loss journey, she is doing amazingly well and she has kept on going, one of the most self motivated people I know. I interviewed her here and she has lost 3 more stone since then which is just fantastic. This is a reveal you don’t want to miss when she hits her goal!!

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