Week 41 – 3 LBS Off – Back On Track Finally

weight loss for lifeI have to admit having a month off track for the wedding and the 10 lbs gain as a result it has been a long hard slog of emotions these last 4 weeks but I finally refocused properly and was really chuffed with a 3lbs loss this week.  All I needed was to see that first loss on those scales after the wedding gain Wednesday night and I knew I would be back on track again and ready to smash that target weight I am striving so hard to achieve.

We have 8 weigh ins before Christmas and my mini target now is to lose 14 lbs by then and more if I can do it, I would love to be at target for the beginning of January when I turn the dreaded 40 :-) so let’s see if I can do it :-)

It would have been easy to say @ollox to it, I got into my wedding dress, felt amazing and now its all over I’m not going to bother anymore….. but this journey which I began just under a year ago has brought me so far there is no way I am going backwards!!

No amount of bad (but nice tasting) food could ever compensate for the many positives I have experienced such as buying new clothes, not feeling sluggish & tired all the time and generally I feel so much more comfortable in every aspect of my life. Healthy eating with the odd treat and understanding how to control yourself around bad food is the way forward, if I hadn’t changed my ways I hate to think how much I would weigh now!

This week I really got back into making recipes from the magazine and slimming world website and really watching what I was eating. The speed soup which you can find the recipe here was something new this week I had never tried before and is really very nice, even better with some lean bacon thrown in :-) I also made some bacon pasta from the magazine, diet coke chicken and made sure I used sweetener and skimmed milk instead of the odd sugar and semi skimmed milk – basically returning to all my old but good eating habits…..it took me 4 weeks but I knew I would get back into it eventually. I really should begin to publish my food diaries again on here.

I also keep in mind and follow @weightlossbitch who has now lost 16 1/2 stones so far and has a way to go but she will get there and is doing an amazing job. I am also inspired by a lady called Sheila Cook who began her journey at the same time as I did and has lost an amazing 7 stones nearly 7 1/2 and its these people and many others in Facebook groups and the wonderful guys in my SW group who keep me motivated, I couldn’t have done it alone.

Many people are struggling at the moment now summer is over, but  to keep focused and on plan speaking to and following the journey of others who are losing loads of weight, keeping it off… there is no reason I can’t do it too!

I also keep this in mind below (my wedding picture slide show) and why I worked so hard to lose the weight and although I am not at target yet I am happy with every picture. I used to hate having my photo taken for fear of what I look like but I love every picture of me in this and am not as camera shy as I was.

Long may the weekly weight losses continue all the way to target :-)

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Currently following Slimming World this blog is about my personal diet journey for long term changes and so i can look fabulous on my wedding day. You will find reviews of diet products, lots of tasty recipes and diet tips to help and inspire others on their diet journeys.

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