Week 5 – 2 lbs Loss – 19lbs So Far

This week with only a 2lb loss on Step 3 was a little disappointing if I am honest however a few blips throughout the week I am sure was the cause of this, although its a loss right?

Sunday 16th December I had a family christening so I had my breakfast (40g of Alpen) and then had a CWP soup before we left at 1pm. There were lots of lovely food on offer but I didn’t touch any of it. I only had water, black coffee & a CWP (choc mint) whilst everyone else was drinking alcohol and eating so I did really well and didn’t go off plan at all. When we finally came home it was about 7pm in the evening and I really couldn’t be bothered to cook a meal for myself so I had another CWP pack instead. So I had 3 CWP and my breakfast which doesn’t fit any of the plans at all so I was effectively sole sourcing for that day. I did same thing on the Tuesday as I was Christmas shopping and lost track of time.

Wednesday 19th my team at work were going out for their Christmas meal/@iss up :-) and although I really wanted to go I decided not to and avoid the mexican food and alcohol I knew I would have if I did go and stuck to my Step 3 plan instead. Call me boring but I really want this weight off and I didn’t think it was worth it, I am so focused on my wedding in September and nothing means me more to me than that.

I thought I had a good week but other factors seem to have got in the way. It is also really important that body functions are working properly, I am not going to elaborate :-) but I don’t think I had drank enough water overall this week so all in all a 2lb loss was pretty good I think!

Anyway I am not going to dwell on it………….


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