Week 6 – I Maintained Weight Over Christmas

I was looking forward to last nights weigh in and was also a little worried about it to as it is the time of year when everyone over indulges on food and alcohol whether they are on a diet or not.

I did promise myself when I began this journey that I was going to have Christmas day and boxing day off the plan but be sensible and not over eat or drink too much alcohol. I did sole source the 4 days before Christmas (even though my BMI is slightly over to allow this on the plan) in the hope it would counter act the two days over Christmas and this has worked so far. I got weighed last night and maintained my weight so I was really pleased with that, no gains and still on track.

The four days prior to Christmas day I did the Cambridge sole source plan as I knew I would be off plan for two days my usual 14 packs per week would cover this, obviously my Cambridge consultant told me not to do this because of my BMI but I ignored her :-) I did have a couple of Jack Daniels and Pepsi max on Christmas Eve to be social and it tasted fantastic after not having either for 6 weeks.

Christmas Day we had 13 people over for dinner and me and my partner has drunk a bottle of fizz before 11am, it has to be done :-) and I did drink throughout the day too. Food wise I had some dinner but to be honest i couldn’t eat too much and I didn’t have any xmas pud either and just a few nibbles for tea. No chocolate or nuts or crisps at all I think I was so busy being host I didn’t even think about it.

Boxing day was a bad day for me being at home chilling just the two of us I did have quite a bit of food and chocolates and crisps in addition to quite a lot of wine and spirits but I knew it would be a tough day. The day after I woke up I felt terrible not because of a hangover but all the rubbish I had eaten and to be honest taught me a bit of a lesson as I felt awful all day even though I went back on plan and drank loads of water all the sugar made me feel terrible.

I am back on plan now and looking forward to New Years Eve which again will be tough but I am going to enjoy it. I need to lose 3 1/2 lbs this week so my consultant will allow me on sole source from 3rd January where the big losses per week will begin. I want to lose another 67 lbs (19lbs already lost) so I have a long way to go but I will get there!!!! :-)





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