Week 7 – 3 1/4lbs Gain Over New Year – Darn You Jack Daniels

jack daniels oln no7OK so I gained a few lbs over the New Year period and it is fair to say it was mostly down to my good old friend Jack Daniels, although I did eat for England too. It has been my absolute favourite drink for about 20 years and I probably sunk at least a bottle over the last 7 days. Not to mention the Asti Martini which was in full flow, Rose wine and basically anything else that was going. I knew alcohol would be a big issue for me over New Year as playing a 9 hour poker game on new years eve with a bunch of friends was great fun but of course whilst playing you drink (a lot), nibble on naughty food (a lot) and smoke (a lot)…not the healthiest way to spend the evening and I didn’t win the £100 pot either! but was the weight gain worth it? absolutely yes I was prepared to go a little loose at Xmas & New Year and a 3 1/4lbs gain over the two weeks of Xmas & New Year I think is not bad at all.

jack daniels glassesI cannot drink Jack neat but it goes down very nicely with a bit of Pepsi max and a couple of ice cubes but of course this is now off limits as I return too 100% following the Cambridge Diet and my weight journey continues into 2013. Anyone who knows me knows I love JD, my first drink of JD was on 4th July 1990 (and I was under age ) – weird how I remember that but I remember being at a 4th July event which was a bank holiday (in UK) and I was rather ill after drinking way too much :-) I love these JD glasses so much I bought 6 of them I think they are so cool (OK I’m a bit sad enough of that!)

I have heard lots of weight gain horror stories over the last few days as people confront thier first weigh in after the festive period but to be honest if you don’t enjoy yourself over Xmas & New Year when are you going to? so long as you are in control, view it as a treat and get back into the swing straight after I think that is fine.

Week 8 will be my first week on Step 2 of the Cambridge plan which means no carbohydrates at all and no 40g Alpen breakfast but I am back at work and back into a routine so I fully intend to kick @ss next week and lose that 3 1/4lbs gain plus some more.


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