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After the little gain last week over the Christmas & New year period I was determined to have a great loss this week and I have totally rocked it (sorry to be big headed). This is my biggest weekly loss so far on the Cambridge Weight Plan and I have lost nearly 2 stones now which is a fantastic personal achievement for me. Still a long way to go but a big milestone reached. I made sure last week after my weigh in all the festive foods were thrown away as I didn’t need the temptations lying around the house, it was time to get back on track 100% with no distractions.

What Did I Change?

My consultant and I agreed I would drop to the Sole Source + step of the plan which meant 3 packs a day, no milk allowance, no breakfast food and a small protein dinner in the evening (no carbohydrates either in my meal) dropping my calories down from 1000 per day to 600-650 per day. Not forgetting the 4 pints of water you have to consume each day.

I was losing good numbers on Step 3 but my BMI is now at a level where I can drop the calories down to a lower plan so I can begin to lose some bigger numbers each week and shift the weight off quicker but in a safe way.

I was now on 3 packs a day so I would have Order Xanax Overnightfor breakfast (about 10am) and since I love cinnamon I have been sprinkling Schwartz Ground Cinnamon over my porridge to give it a bit more flavour. Lunch (1pm) was a soup or bar and then around 4pm I would have my 3rd pack which was a shake. In the evening between 6 & 7pm I then had my protein dinner so spacing the food throughout the day meant I wasn’t hungry and craving for sweet things.

I was also back at work and back in a routine which helps me keep focused as I struggle on weekends. I don’t cheat but weekends are tough for me.

How Do I Feel After Losing 21lbs?

The best feeling in the world is being rewarded for your efforts and this week I can now fit into two other pairs of jeans which I couldn’t fit in before which really helps to keep going and although the Cambridge diet is hard you can achieve great result if you stick with it.

I can really feel the weight coming off now and even walking up a few steps my feet feel that little less pressured. My clothes feel so much more comfortable and I am starting to think about what sort of clothes I want to be able to wear (but never could) being a big big possibility. I feel more comfortable sitting at my desk at work as a lot of the weight has come off my tummy and the muffin top is getting a lot smaller :-) I also feel like I can really do this and seeing the results just makes me keep me going and thinking of my wedding in September and how I will look.

No pain no gain, believe me the results are worth it.






Order Xanax Europe, Order Xanax Overnight Delivery

Currently following Slimming World this blog is about my personal diet journey for long term changes and so i can look fabulous on my wedding day. You will find reviews of diet products, lots of tasty recipes and diet tips to help and inspire others on their diet journeys.

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