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Hunters Chicken – Slimming World Style 1/2 Syn on Extra Easy

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Hunters Chicken is totally one of my favourite meals when I go to a Harvester pub or out for a meal somewhere (non posh but it is usually loaded with calories and fat. My taste buds like it but my body doesn’t However this recipe for Hunters Chicken is only 1/2 a Syn on the […]


KFC Chicken – Slimming World Style – Syn Free on EE & Original

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This KFC Chicken recipe is free if you use your Weetabix as your HEB choice on Extra Easy or Original. It tastes fabulous and has a lovely crunch to it. I didn’t fancy the smash or other coatings I have seen people use for this and saw this idea of Weetabix for the coating, KFC […]


How to Make Perfect Crispy Slimming World Chips – Syn Free Chips

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Making perfect Slimming World Syn Free Chips is a question which gets asked a lot in forums and Groups and one of the answers seems to get “get an Actify” but not everyone can afford an Actify which range from £100 – £250. So how do you make perfect Slimming World Chips? well hopefully this […]

Big Mac In A Bowl – 2 Syns on Slimming World Extra Easy

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One of my favourite things before I began Slimming World, I have to admit was Macdonalds until I found out a Big Mac will set you back about 25 Syns (nearly double your daily allowance) ooops not the sort of thing you want to be eating really although they taste soo good So I began […]


Doner Kebab “Fakeaway” Recipe – Syn Free on Slimming World

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This tastes amazing I kid you not, a real Doner Kebab which is Slimming World compatible, what could be better? This is called Doner Kebab “Fakeaway” in Slimming World Lingo and is proof that you can make takeaway meals Slimming World friendly and not ruin your diet. It is a fantastic recipe which you can […]


Cowboy Pie Recipe Slimming World Style 1/2 a Syn on Extra Easy

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This is one of my favorite slimming world dishes and is called Cowboy Pie, not quite sure why and to me it is a cottage pie with a bit of a kick but ok Cowboy Pie it is. It is absolutely scrummy and if you like mashed potato with mince and vegetables you will love […]


Lancashire Hotpot Slimming World Style Syn Free on Extra Easy

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When its cold and windy and horrible all you want is hot warm feel good food. I absolutely love this Lancashire Hotpot recipe and have made it time and time again, it does take a bit of time to prepare and cook but it is well worth it and this is perfect for a family […]

Spaghetti Bolognese – Syn Free on Slimming World Extra Easy

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I made up this Slimming World Spaghetti Bolognese actually due a slight disaster in the kitchen where I was originally making burgers but they fell apart oops so I thought OK what can I make from the mince and onions that I had already fried off which now looked nothing like burgers. So I grabbed […]

Weetabix Muffins Free on all Slimming World Plans (USE HEB)

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Weetabix muffins or Weetabix cake is a cool little recipe if you fancy keeping your HEA choice and not using your milk allowance with your Weetabix for breakfast. It is a really simple little recipe and free on all Slimming World plans if you use the 2 Weetabix from your HEB choice. I am really […]


Slimming World Chocolate Brownies – 1/2 Syn Each – Makes 25 Brownies

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So if you are looking for something not high in Syns which tastes lovely and sweet and you adore chocolate like I do I recommend this Slimming World Brownie recipe. I made them last night and they taste fantastic and look fab as you can see from the pictures before baking and after. The mixture […]