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Order Xanax OvernightSo if you are looking for something not high in Syns which tastes lovely and sweet and you adore chocolate like I do I recommend this Slimming World Brownie recipe. I made them last night and they taste fantastic and look fab as you can see from the pictures before baking and after.

The mixture makes 25 brownies which are only 1/2 a syn each which is amazing since you are allowed 5-15 syns a day and these I promise you taste amazing, the best sweet type recipe I have tried so far.

You could also add a frosting to them to them if you wanted by using a tub of quark and a chocolate options (2 syns for a sachet) so spread over 25 brownies it is negligible.

It is only the use of the coco powder in the brownie recipe which makes it 12.5 syns in total everything else is free on Extra Easy, Original & Green plans. Go on give them a go they satisfy any chocolate craving I promise you.

3.3 from 17 reviews
Slimming World Chocolate Brownies - ½ Syn Each - Makes 25 Brownies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
makes 25 bownies - ½ a syn per brownie on Extra Easy, Original & Green Plans
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: british
Serves: 25
  • 6 eggs (separated)
  • 70g Splenda (or other sweetener)
  • 60g cocoa powder (not hot chocolate)
  • 1tsp vanilla essence
  • Fry Light
  1. Preheat the oven at 180ºc, spray a baking tin with Fry Light
  2. Line with greaseproof paper
  3. Whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks.
  4. In a separate bowl add the egg yolks, sweetener, vanilla essence & cocoa
  5. Whisk until mixed but you can add a bit of water if the mixture is too stiff
  6. Then fold in the egg whites
  7. Pour the mixture into the tin
  8. Bake for 25-30 minutes.
  9. Eat hot or cold and with or without frosting (as mentioned above)


Can You Get Prescribed Xanax Online, Order Xanax Online Overnight Shipping

Currently following Slimming World this blog is about my personal diet journey for long term changes and so i can look fabulous on my wedding day. You will find reviews of diet products, lots of tasty recipes and diet tips to help and inspire others on their diet journeys.

45 Responses so far.

  1. Mo Parker says:

    tasted wonderful as i do really have a bad craving for chocolate when i feel down or worried about thing going on at the moment

    thank you x

  2. I I am finding it very hard to stick to any off the plans as I have a very sweet tooth and don’t like veg. can anyone help me with this please

    • Jay says:

      Slimming world Is amazing I hate veg but manage to eat free food all day meat a little salad my a and b choices hifi bars are amazing for chocolate fix and are a b choice then in the evening I use my sins on chocolate I’ve brought the bags of little chocolates smarties or chocolate buttons between 3 and 5 syns each and at the moment I’m cooking chocolate brownies which are half a syn meaning I can eat 20 if I want prob be sick after!

    • aimee says:

      Have you tried making the speed soup? I don’t eat veg and I love the speed soup

  3. Hello, I want to subscribe for this blog to take newest updates, so where can i do it please help.

  4. Julie Garvey says:

    They look yummy just a couple of questions – do the brownies come out of the muffin tins ok with just fry light in it? They would be easier for portion control so wanted to do them in those. From the picture they look a little flat would they be lost in a cake case?

    • Karen says:

      HI there i used a silicone tray so they came out ok but use plenty of fry light and spray the tins first, of course they are not like a proper brownie in terms of hoiw they rise as they have no flour in them but for half a syn each they are fab x

  5. Nicky says:

    I have tried this and thought that it hit my sweet tooth spot on!!! The only thing I am wondering is…. If you add 2 options to the quark and do a mixture that makes 30 brownies, does that make it higher in syn value or the same? I am using butterscotch options but feel it needs 2 packets rather than one!

    Fantastic recipe! Thank you. Xx I would give 5 stars but it won’t let me! : (. So 4 stars it is!

    Can you make a recipe for wine please?! Pref 0.5 syns a glass and high in vol?! Lol. ; ). You can’t say it can’t be done cos who would of thought we could have such yummy brownies at 0.5 syns!! Everything must be doable!! ; ) xx

    • Karen says:

      hi there yes syns would be higher if you used 2 x options sachets depending on which one they use they range from 1 1/2 – 3 syns a sachet so check syn values before you go ahead is what i would say. haha would love to come up with a wine recipe that low in syns :-)

  6. jaki says:

    Thank you, This is just what I needed. 4th day in and I need something sweet. I’ll give this ago later.

  7. Alex says:

    Just made these, sandwiched some fresh strawberries in between 2 of them and added a splash of cream for a decadent tasting pudding :)

  8. Sam says:

    I found these bitter

  9. pauline says:

    Hi can u make these in bun cases?

  10. Cathryn says:

    Hi. I have just made these (yet to try it as it has literally just come out the oven – smells amazing!), but I used Bournville Cocoa – is this going to change the syn content?

  11. Cathryn says:

    My brownies turned out soggy – what am I doing wrong?

  12. Joan Macdonald says:

    Just made these tonight and they do taste a little bitter but I wonder if it is because I used vanilla extract rather than essence? I’ve never done a great deal of baking so I’m a bit lost when it comes to the subtleties of different ingredients! Either way, I’m looking forward to trying a couple with syn free toffee ice cream – just as soon as ice cream machine does it’s thing!

    • allison wagstaff says:

      I found these very bitter when I made them using Canderel and had to throw them away. I then discovered that the bitter aftertaste is from the sweetener and I could still taste the sweetener the following day which was awful. I tried them again with a natural sweetener I found which is especially for baking (Tripe Zero Stevia)and they were fine so it was definitely the sweetener that gave the bitter aftertaste.

  13. Vicky says:

    had a go at this today, very easy to do but does anyone else find they are too sweet? I just get a really horrid sweetener after taste :-(

  14. NB says:

    Made these last night – reduced the sugar a little and still they were lovely – texture just like cake – surprising given no flour or butter – but delicious. Yes, of course, bit of a ‘sweetener’ taste – but totally forgivable given the chocolate fix they give. And lovely to have with a cup of coffee – that’s just what I have been missing in this diet. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Kelly says:

    I tried this and mine tasted vile! not sweet at all and I followed recipe down to a T so god knows why mine didnt wrk :( disappointed

  16. Jessie says:

    Just made a batch of these. Didn’t use vanilla essence as i had none, probably could of done with some. They’re nice as your chewing then got a strong after taste of sweetener. Still, pretty good considering they’re so low in syns!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe

  17. I made 2syn lemon drizzle buns yesterday and wanted to make your buns today. The only problem 70gram of sweetner is the full jar, is this correct?

    The other buns were 8tbsp = 20grams of sweetner

  18. tim says:

    I mno this is an old post but made these today following recipe. Baked really well nice and soft but far too bitter to eat. Used bournville cocoa which is always bitter though. Couldn’t even salvage with any additions as that after taste would not go. Anyone find a solution to this? Not as a topping but in the mix. Thanks

  19. Als1991 says:

    I tried these and im really disappointed they just tasted really bad of sweetener, it was horrid. They went straight in the bin!

  20. Tony says:

    what size tin(s) do you use for these please? we need something sweetish to go with our ‘after work’ coffees!

  21. orla says:

    You need to use a sucralose based sweetener when cooking so it wont taste bitter. There is a slenda in a yellow pack

  22. laura says:

    These have become my lifesaver. I’m doing slimming world while breastfeeding an 18 week old who’s only just learnt to sleep longer than 2 hrs! Tiredness has given me a huge choc craving and I’ve fallen off plan so many times. Think I’ll be making these every week!

  23. lyn says:

    Tried the brownies, I think they tasted a bit bitter and i thought it was the cocoa but I really liked them as a chocolate fix.

  24. Heather Groves says:

    Hi, I love these but can I ask what cocoa powder you use as when I have checked syns online it is 1 syn per tsp and when weighed out my 50g used (didn’t have 60 left)and checked it using my tsp measure, it wass more than 25 syns (tsp) for the one I use? and you say only 12.5 for your recipe.
    Many Thanks

  25. Rachel says:

    Me and my husband thought they had the most vile after taste, threw them away after one bite. Still got the bitter taste in my mouth half an hour later

  26. Amy says:

    Cannot wait to try these :)

  27. I made them at home and had them with ice-cream and they are delicious

  28. Helen says:

    These are really good! I used a bit less sweetener as others had said about the aftertaste, and in rummaging through the cupboard I found coffee extract so added 2 teaspoons of that as well as vanilla. You do need some water to soften the cocoa mixture though. The baking tray I used was too big so they are flatter which means less fluffy inside around the edges, but that just made those ones a bit biscuity. Overall, I think these are lovely, been picking at them all evening :)

  29. Dee says:

    I have just found your chocolate brownies recipe, I can’t wait to try them.
    I am looking forward to trying more of your recipes.
    Thank you

  30. Me says:

    Going to have to try these today – got a real cake craving!!!

  31. Liz B says:

    I read through all the comments here and so used only 25g of Splenda sweetener but still all I could taste was the sweetener so I chucked the “brownies” in the bin.

    I can’t drink diet drinks as they taste so bitter, so maybe some of us just can’t do sweeteners?

  32. Becky says:

    Absolutely delicious. An absolute life saver for a chocolate addict!

  33. Nikki Ford says:

    Hi there,
    I tried the slimming world chocolate brownies recipe, I halved the amount of sweetener though as although I love chocolate I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth. In all honesty I found them absolutely repulsive, as did my other half. What I baked doesn’t remotely resemble a brownie and tastes solely of acrid sweetener. My advice would be don’t, just don’t. Either use your syns to have a normal sugar/fat laden brownie or go without, these things were an abomination to the wonderful world of puddings. Plus what a waste of eggs!

  34. Rachael says:

    Why can’t you use hot chocolate it would only work out as 7 syncs for 6 tbs for the whole batch

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