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With Slimming World any normal recipe can be turned into a healthy recipe which you can follow on the plan. There are tons of Slimming World Recipes out there for you to try for all 3 plans, extra easy recipes, original and green plan recipes and in this section I have put together some I use on a regular basis and some very popular ones too. Diet coke chicken and speed soup are two brilliant recipes which are free on extra easy. I use a lot from the below list and I am adding more and more all the time so keep a look out for news ones. I think its fantastic that any recipe whether it be fast food or a pizza virtually anything can be turned into a Slimming World Recipe, so do feel free to share and try out the recipes below and I hope you enjoy them.

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe With Bacon – Free on Extra Easy Plan

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This chicken noodle soup recipe with bacon tastes fantastic I have to say. I did fiddle around with some ingredients from Slimming Worlds official Italian Soup recipe and tweaked it quite a bit by adding noddles to it, some garlic and tomato puree. I also removed the herbs as I have made it before and […]

Speed Soup – Slimming World – Free On Extra Easy Plan

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Speed Soup is the name given to this recipe which is supposed to boost weight loss whilst following the extra easy plan on slimming world. It is totally Syn Free and contains tons of vegetables and speed foods as they are called. I tweaked the recipe slightly which I got from group last week and […]


Raspberry Cheesecake – 5 Syns Per Serving on All Plans Serves 8

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We had a taster evening at group last night and I have made the topping on this many times which I use to to mix with fruit as a really low syn snack, but I thought I would make a proper cheesecake with the biscuit base this time (which does add a few Syns) but […]

Salmon & New Potato Salad – 2 Syns on Extra asy & Original Plans

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This was a quick recipe I threw together as I had a nice salmon fillet but wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it. I have had Salmon in the past and sprinkled dried herbs over the top to bake but I didn’t fancy a hot dinner as the weather has been lovely […]

Slimming World Sweets – 1 1/2 – 3 Syns Depending on Which Options Drink Flavour You Use

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This is just a amazing little recipe I just had to share it. It is often hard to think of low Syn sweets from shops if you want a bit of a treat but these Slimming World sweets you can make so quickly and you get around 30 – 40 sweets from this depending on […]


Turkey Burgers – Free on Extra Easy & Original Plans

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These turkey burgers I have made over and over and are great for batch cooking and freezing too. They are really tasty and are great for BBQ’s too as they are free on both Extra Easy & Original plans. By using the egg to bind means they will not fall apart either. You can use […]

Chilli Con Carne From Scratch (Free on Extra Easy, 3 Syns on Original, 2 Syns on Green)

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The cooking time for this Chilli Con Carne recipe is around 60 minutes as the chilli does take quite a while to reduce but it is worth the wait trust me I have made this recipe several times and doubled up on the ingredients and frozen it in portions which is a fab idea if […]

Pork & Apple Burgers – Makes 8 Burgers – Syn Free on Slimming World

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I love Pork & Apple Burgers but was weary of buying them from the Super Markets as I prefer Syn Free options where ever possible so decided to make my own quick recipe. Surprisingly they are really easy to make and taste great in a nice roll and some salad and you can really taste […]


Raspberry Roulade – Only 1/2 Syn For Whole Cake – REALLY

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So you may laugh about the fact you can have a really tasty sweet cake on Slimming World and still lose weight right? Well this cake is only HALF A SYN FOR THE WHOLE CAKE, not that you would eat the whole cake in one go (or you might) but you can make it in […]


Low Fat Mousse – Slimming World Style – With Custard

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This is a nice little low fat mousse desert if you fancy something sweet but you want to keep your Syns low too. I find at the weekends I like something a bit sweet as a treat even or just to use some of my Syns so I made this little mousse which turned out […]