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With Slimming World any normal recipe can be turned into a healthy recipe which you can follow on the plan. There are tons of Slimming World Recipes out there for you to try for all 3 plans, extra easy recipes, original and green plan recipes and in this section I have put together some I use on a regular basis and some very popular ones too. Diet coke chicken and speed soup are two brilliant recipes which are free on extra easy. I use a lot from the below list and I am adding more and more all the time so keep a look out for news ones. I think its fantastic that any recipe whether it be fast food or a pizza virtually anything can be turned into a Slimming World Recipe, so do feel free to share and try out the recipes below and I hope you enjoy them.

Diet Coke Chicken – Sweet & Sticky Slimming World Recipe

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When someone told me you could use diet coke and chicken together I thought they were having a laugh   I had never heard of it before but Diet Coke Chicken is a recipe that does the rounds in Slimming World groups and social media time and time again for its popularity on tasting amazing […]

Syn Free Sausages – Makes Approx 16 Sausages

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I know there are a number of sausages you can have which are really low Syns on Slimming World but I like having as much free food as I can and I also like to try different things and recipes so I just put this little recipe together to make my own Syn Free Sausages […]


Creamy Chicken, Leek & Mushroom Pasta

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Since it was my 2nd week on Slimming World I thought I would try something a bit different as I love chicken and leeks and all things creamy too. For the amount of pasta I used (as I was following the original plan so used this as a HEB but you could have more on […]