Slimming World Knickerbocker Glory Only 1 1/2 Syns

slimming world knickerbocker gloryThis is my first attempt at making ice cream with muller light yoghurts. This Knickerbocker glory
takes quite a bit of time to prepare but it is well worth the effort.

It did come out like a cross between ice cream and sorbet. I think a way to get round this is by adding some creme freche but I haven’t tried yet but if you have a go at the recipe definitely try that.

I do not think its even 1 1/2 syns as I used a tiny bit of anchor light squirty cream but not even 1 10th of the bottle and I used not even 1/4 of Hartleys 10 calorie jelly pot so the 1 1/2 syns is probably lower actually.

This is fabulous on a hot day in the summer or a delightful dessert for a dinner party to impress your slimming world friends with. I am going to make it again at the weekend, the picture is making my mouth water already :-)

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Slimming World Knickerbocker Glory Only 1½ Syns
Prep time
Total time
½ Syns
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: British
Serves: 1
  • 1 banana & custard muller light yoghurt
  • 1 vanilla muller light yoghurt
  • 1 strawberry muller light yoghurt
  • A few frozen summer fruit berries defrosted.
  • 1 tbsp of 10 calorie jelly - flavour of your choice.
  1. To make the ice cream put the 3 muller lights in the freezer.
  2. Every 30 minutes take out and stir each vigorously.
  3. Continue this procedure for about 5-6 hours.
  4. In the bottom of the serving glass put some berries and a bit of the jelly.
  5. Layer with a scoop of the vanilla ice cream.
  6. Add the remaining berries apart from one for the top.
  7. Add the remaining jelly and the juice from the berries.
  8. Put a scoop of the strawberry ice cream on
  9. Then a scoop of the banana and custard ice cream on top
  10. Squirt on the cream and put a berry on top.
  11. Serve & Enjoy!



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  1. lorna says:

    thank you so much this looks lovely xx

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