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Slimming World Peanut Heaven Hi Fi Delux Bar – 116 Calories (1 is HEB)

Alprazolam Purchase Online

The Peanut Heaven Hi FI Bars certainly are heaven, sweet, chewy, packed with peanuts and flavour its even better than a tracker bar and at only 116 calories it is better than the chocolate mint crunch bar too in my opinion and I love chocolate mint. You can have 1 of these as a Healthy […]

Slimming World Rocky Road Hi Fi Bar – 73 Calories (2 Are HEB)

Buy Cheapest Xanax Online

I thought I was in heaven when I tried these bars yesterday, I absolutely love the Rocky Road Hi Fi Bars from Slimming World and the great thing about these bars is you can have 2 as a Healthy Extra B choice not just one. They are rather small but very sweet like a proper […]

Little Book of Sauces – Slimming World Recipe Book

Buy Cheap Xanax Online Uk

The Little Book of Sauces Recipe Book by Slimming World is a nifty little pocket book size full of great ideas to spice up boring food with healthy and very tasty sauces. There are 140 pages all with pictures and over 60 different sauce recipes to try, over 20 are Syn Free and 99% are […]

Slimming World Mint Crunch Hi Fi Bar – 123 Calories – 1 HEB

Xanax Generic Online

As I am a Chocolate Mint junkie and it was my first weigh in I had to buy a pack of the Chocolate Mint Hi Fi Bars and give them a try You can use this bar to replace one of your healthy extra b choices on all plans (HEB) and they are great if […]