Slimming World Mint Crunch Hi Fi Bar – 123 Calories – 1 HEB

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£1.45 for pack of 3 bars

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On April 4, 2013
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As I am a Chocolate Mint junkie and it was my first weigh in I had to buy a pack of the Chocolate Mint Hi Fi Bars and give them a try. one word LUSH!

slimming world choc mint hi fi barAs I am a Chocolate Mint junkie and it was my first weigh in I had to buy a pack of the Chocolate Mint Hi Fi Bars and give them a try :-)

You can use this bar to replace one of your healthy extra b choices on all plans (HEB) and they are great if you are on the go and don’t have time to grab something as dependent on which plan you are on, you have to have your healthy extra options as per the plan books. Or they are 6 sins if you didn’t want to use them as a healthy extra choice.

The bar has a chocolate bottom layer and is a crunchy/chewy bar a bit like a tracker bar, sweet and really minty with just the right amount of chocolate too. It goes well with an afternoon coffee as a treat or anytime you get a sweet craving but the great thing is you can have these, and they are only 6 Syns if you have them as an extra.

I have to say I was not disappointed I really liked this bar and at only 48p a bar (they come in packs of 3) they are really good value for money too. I thought about putting them in the fridge but I think it would be as hard as rock so I didn’t bother :-)

It is quite a small bar if I am honest and didn’t last that long and for Syn value there are other things you could have like a Curly Wurly which would last ages (sadly no mint option available on Curly Wurly:-))

All in all a rearly nice product and well worth buying to try. I am not sure how many Slimming World sell on a weekly basis, I would bet they are very popular, but they do a number of these bars and it would be nice if they were sold them individually rather than in packs so you could have greater choice without spending a fortune.

Nutritional Information: 32g Bar
Energy KJ – 517
Calories – 123
Protein g – 1.5
Carbohydrate g – 20.7
of which sugars g – 11.3
Fat g – 3.0
of which saturates g – 1.5
Fibre g – 3.6
of which oligosaccharides g – 2.8
Sodium g – 0.04
Salt equivalent g – 0.11

Allergy Information: Contains: milk, gluten, (barley, wheat,oats) and soya and may contain traces of nuts, peanuts and egg.

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  1. Sam says:

    Hi, where can I buy the mint and the berry Hifi bars please

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