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Product by:
£1.45 for pack of 3 bars

Reviewed by:
On April 12, 2013
Last modified:May 15, 2014

Xanax Online Romania - Green Xanax Bars Online

The Peanut Heaven Hi FI Bars certainly are heaven, sweet, chewy, packed with peanuts and flavour its even better than a tracker bar

Alprazolam Purchase OnlineThe Peanut Heaven Hi FI Bars certainly are heaven, sweet, chewy, packed with peanuts and flavour its even better than a tracker bar and at only 116 calories it is better than the Xanax Sales Online too in my opinion and I love chocolate mint.

You can have 1 of these as a Healthy Extra B Choice or just have one for 6 Syns with a cuppa but again I would say the Syn level is quite high so I prefer to use it as a HEB choice instead. There a lots of low Syn treats you could have instead of one of these.

Again only £1.45 for a pack of 3 from your Slimming World Group and good value for money.

A decent size bar too but if you love peanuts you won’t be satisfied with just one :-)

Nutritional Information: 32g Bar
Energy KJ – 487
Calories – 116
Protein g – 2.4
Carbohydrate g – 19.6
of which sugars g – 7.8
Fat g – 1.9
of which saturates g – 0.2
Fibre g – 5.2
of which oligosaccharides g – 3.8
Sodium g – 0.03
Salt equivalent g – 0.07


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Xanax Online Romania - Green Xanax Bars Online

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