Slimming World Rocky Road Hi Fi Bar – 73 Calories (2 Are HEB)

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£1.45 for pack of 3 bars

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On April 12, 2013
Last modified:April 12, 2013


I thought I was in heaven when I tried these bars yesterday

slimming world rocky road hi fi barsI thought I was in heaven when I tried these bars yesterday, I absolutely love the Rocky Road Hi Fi Bars from Slimming World and the great thing about these bars is you can have 2 as a Healthy Extra B choice not just one.

They are rather small but very sweet like a proper rocky road you get in the supermarkets and it is topped with tiny marshmallows, yummy, drizzled in chocolate. If you don’t use 2 as a HEB then they are only 3 Syns per bar too so you could just Syn one and have a nice chocky treat with a cuppa instead of using them for a HEB which is what I actually did.

The bar is chewy and they don’t last long I can tell you :-) I thought the Chocolate Mint Crunch Bar was small but these are even smaller, but at least you can have 2 not just one and again only £1.45 in group for 6 bars its not a bad price either. I love the packaging they come in too, nice a vibrant and the bar does look exactly like the box says it does.

I must admit there are quite a few different bars than there where a few years ago when I did Slimming World and they taste much better too than I recall.

Nutritional Information: 20g Bar
Energy KJ – 305
Calories – 73
Protein g – 1.0
Carbohydrate g – 12.8
of which sugars g – 6.6
Fat g – 1.2
of which saturates g – 0.8
Fibre g – 1.1
of which oligosaccharides g – 2.6
Sodium g – 0.02
Salt equivalent g – 0.05

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