Sinead Anna Urso Says Ciao Ciao to 7 stone – An Amazing Transformation & all Thanks to The Cambridge Weight Plan

before n after sinead anna ursoSinead Anna Urso has lost an amazing 7 stone so far on the Cambridge Weight Plan and here she shares her diet journey for the first time written in her own words.

It is a warm heart felt story which will inspire anyone to battle their weight demons and overcome them. These stories inspire me so much and there is a huge amount of support out there which we should all take advantage of with some amazing members achieving amazing results. This is why I use my website as a showcase for people to share their stories and to show everyone they can do it!

Sinead Anna Urso’s Story in her own words…

Weight has always been an issue for me, being an Italian girl, coming from a big Italian family who love their food I’ve just always been overweight. I never understood why it was ME who was the big one in the family, my younger sister has always been the perfect size 10, my mum is a gorgeous tall size 12 lady, my nan was small and petite, yet me, just this huge frumpy girl who ate her emotions from a really young age.  I left school at the age of 15, I just stopped and refused to go, to most people I probably seemed like a stroppy teenager demanding to get my own way, but really I was so unhappy with the way I looked, the truth was, I just wanted to lock myself indoors where nobody could see me and for a very long time, that is what I did.

The summer of 2011 was when I think I was at my biggest, aged 21 and weighing 21 and a half stone. I remember going to my doctors and breaking down in his office begging for a gastric bypass/band, he eventually referred me, telling me not to get my hopes up, but me being me, I thought it was amazing! Wow, I am going to get surgery and I will be skinny in a matter of weeks/months! .. I went along to the gastric band consultation with my mum, I remember the day so clearly, we even stopped for lunch in a pub and I ate as much as I possibly could because I told myself ‘It’ll be alright, I’m having a gastric band and I’ll be skinny soon’ ..

sineadI got to the consultation and they asked me to sit on a wooden bench which in fact was how they weighed people. Although I was shocked when I could see the scales reading 21 and a half stone, the doctor who gave me my consultation looked at me and said ‘There’s no point us going any further, you are not big enough for surgery, however we can offer you a counselling group’ .. I burst into tears. How could they just not even consider me? I felt angry, upset, broken, and I wanted to give up. A few weeks passed, a few more pounds added onto my body.. And I went back to the doctors.

I remember trying the Cambridge Diet back in 2008 when I was 18, I was 19 stone then and I managed to lose 3 stone in about 2 months, but several things such as cost, fact you’d crave things and couldn’t have them made me come off track. My doctor suggested sending me to a dietician, and in that moment, I just knew I was alone. Nobody was REALLY going to do this for me, nobody made me fat, nobody could make me skinny only I could make the changes.

I went home, cried, cried some more, and then found a documentary online called ‘Half a ton mom’ .. I watched it; I sky+’d it and then watched it again about 10 times in a row. I cried the whole time, the lady reminded me of myself. Although I wasn’t bed bound and at a life or death situation, I felt like it other ways. I was trapped in my mind and I was so unhappy, I could see my life going in the same direction. That documentary will always be the reason for me changing my life that day and even now I sometimes watch it to remind myself why I did this.

March 2012 is when I started the Cambridge Diet properly; weighing 20 stone 8 pounds, which was a shock because the previous summer I had been a lot more. I wasn’t sure if I had the strength to do this and I doubted myself constantly, but somehow controlling myself and controlling what went inside my body, kept me going. My Cambridge Consultant was lovely and I found motivation myself from joining the Facebook Cambridge page, another website called Minimins where I made around 30 diet buddies which helped so much, and I also tweeted a lot, making more Cambridge Diet buddies.

Before I knew it I had lost 7 stone in 6 months, getting down to 13 stone. Those 6 months were hard, really hard, I spent a lot of time indoors, with only myself for company but that forced me to look at myself, my past eating habits and make changes to how I want to be in the future. Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky people who suffered every side effect you could encounter from doing Cambridge but with all those side effects, I would 1000% still done those 6 months again in a heartbeat. In September 2012 I got a full time job, launched myself into it at full speed, got myself into a new relationship, started socializing more than I have in my entire life, slowly I came off plan a little. Life just kinda happens without you realizing it and before I knew it, its 2013, my relationship breaks down, I lose my job and I am 2 stone heavier, now weighing in at 15 stone something. I’m disappointed and angry with myself but also thankful that 2 stone isn’t 7 stone and in a few weeks I can lose what I gained I know I can do this :-) I CAN DO THIS :-)

My goal weight is 11 Stone, I am 5ft 7 and would love to keep my Italian curves J so many people tell me that I look good at how I am now and I look no bigger than a size 12, which makes me feel great. But I am 15 stone and a size 14! I started this diet at a size 24 and I have dropped an amazing 5 dress sizes woohoo and now practically live in River Island!

My plans after getting to goal are to become a Cambridge Consultant! Throughout this journey I have had Facebook requests off other ladies & gents all either starting, are on or are thinking about doing Cambridge, so many people have called me an inspiration and that touches me. I’d love to help anyone else, any way I can. If someone had said to the 15/16 year old me who was depressed and wishing her life away that aged 22 I would have lost 7 stone, shopping in River Island and wearing skinny jeans, I’d have started Cambridge a long long time ago!

Before doing Cambridge I would spend days/weeks on my sofa. Watching daytime TV, ordering 2 for 1 large pizzas & not thinking twice about demolishing the lot, as well as a whole box of cereal in one sitting, a big family dinner in the evenings as well as having the pizza for lunch. I’d finish off a whole loaf of bread in 2 day’s and I would go ‘Large’ all the time in fast food places.

2nd before and after sineadLife is changed now, if I am hungry I crave meals like grilled chicken and green vegetables, I look forward to events rather than what meal I am going to have next. Being able to fit into fashionable clothes feels better than any big go large takeaway meal ever did! :-) The biggest lesson I have learnt so far, don’t turn away support along the way, talking to other people who are also going through what you are can REALLY help! I do not know where I would be without my Cambridge buddies.

Don’t beat yourself up over not going out to social events that involve food, your social life will still be there when you’re slim! Believe in yourself, you CAN do this. You can do whatever you set your mind to. I never believed that, but it is true!

An amazing story and we look forward to an update when you reach your goal weight, you have done amazingly well and should be very proud of yourself :-)

I can also recommend if you are following the Cambridge Weight Plan, join these fab groups which have some amazing people in them who are there to support and help you through your journey, check them out :-)

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Helen says:

    Wow what a fantastic story I have just started the Cambridge a week ago needing to lose 5 stone I found you on you tube and now follow you on twitter. You are very inspirational thankyou and keep going although you look gorgeous now! X

  2. Karen says:

    glad you liked the story keep checking back here for recipes, more success stories and more help and tips on the cambridge diet Helen and good luck on your journey x

  3. Vicky says:

    Wow! You look phenomenal! Well done on what you have achieved. I’m finally on slimming world and can 100% relate to all the feelings you’ve described, often wanting to stay inside until I reach my target weight. Thank you for the massive inspiration! x

  4. Rachel says:

    First of all you look amazing and second of all congrats your getting there :)
    I am pretty much on my last hope,I have made a appointment to start the cambridge diet this coming Wednesday. First of all I am very sociable and enjoy going out drinking with the girls so to stay summer this year will be different for me is a understatement. But saying all that I am excited and I can not wait to get Into river island I am very girly and love shopping and being a size 22 limits what you can wear :( I am dreading the social events that involve food and alcohol but I d looking forward to looking fabulous more lol!! Wish me luck ladies!!! Good luck in your weight loss journeys!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I am so happy to have found this lost! I started my cambridge journey yesterday. Check out my photo on my weightloss post
    . We have such a similar build and I am 5ft 7! You have really inspired me to believe this could work!!! Thank you :)

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