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Order Xanax OvernightI love doing these success stories and this lady is a big big inspiration for me personally. I remember the week before I joined my group and was looking around on Twitter and picked up one of her daily blog stories and was amazed how well she had done so far with her weight loss journey. This lady is really rocking it and has lost 12 stones already in about a year and is 1000% committed to losing another 20 stone to reach her goal. I know everyone she interacts with has so much love and support for her and we are all 100% behind her……if this lady can lose the weight and keep motivated…anyone else can!!!!

I have never spoken to anyone so determined to lose weight, who is 100% focused and copes with the ups and downs so brilliantly. She has lifted my spirits on more than one occasion. This lady truly deserves so much credit as she is not only helping me lose weight but the thousands of people who follower her on twitter, through her Facebook page and through her website.

Who is Weight Loss Bitch?….read her story below and find out………I was nearly in tears (of joy) as I read her responses to my questions and this story will motivate the hell out of anyone :-)

Q1) what is your story before you joined slimming world? When did your weight issues begin/why? Why you chose SW and did a particular event trigger you into action? Have you tried other diets before and how did you get on? What is your motivation/why now?

Prior to joining Slimming World, I was a 30 year old woman who weighed 43st 5.5lbs and was desperate to lose weight.  Desperate enough to be considering life threatening weight loss surgery as I did not think that I had any other option.  My self-esteem was rock bottom and I was dying. That might sound dramatic, but it is true.  My body was under considerable strain, I had been diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder by clinical psychologists, and I was suffering from depression and felt truly awful.  I would not leave the house, other than to see my horses or to visit my family, and I had not been into the local supermarket for over two years (I still haven’t…but am hoping to brave it soon!) as I kept getting verbally abused, laughed at, and stared at.  So life was pretty awful – I was barely existing and I would be incredibly lucky to reach my 35th birthday.  My niece was three and my nephew was one, and I desperately wanted to be a fun Aunty for them…rather than this huge heaving mess of a person.

I have always been overweight and can never remember being slim, or a similar size to my friends. When I joined my first weight loss group I was fifteen and weighed over 18st…so I have been fighting my weight issues and demons for a long time.  I used food as a comfort, but in the end I was abusing myself with food…it was killing me.  There were no real reasons for my eating habits. Yes, my family loved food and we always had huge family celebrations with food, or if we were feeling poorly we would eat to get better.  So my habits began at an early age…I can remember stuffing myself with a box of Cadburys Roses that I was supposed to be giving to my friend as a birthday present…I was still at primary school and so would have been about nine years old I think. I hid the empty box in my wardrobe.  I cannot blame any one reason on my eating – I was not a victim of abuse, my parents weren’t violent – I guess I just picked up little habits along the way that snow-balled!

Slimming World was a plan that my Mum had tried, along with other family members.  I joined and re-joined, and re-joined again, and again, and again!  So I have tried Slimming World before but yet never blamed the plan for me not losing weight.  Quite simply, the plan was excellent but I was a nightmare and would never follow it properly!  So I knew it worked and that’s why I re-joined again last year.  The past decade has seen me try the Cabbage Soup plan, the Egg diet, the Milk diet, Atkins, Slim Fast…you name it, I’ve tried it.  Slim Fast was probably the worst and I fainted at the gym and cracked my head during a personal training session…the sugar high was great, but I was so poorly from the use of sugary drinks.  I returned to Slimming World as it is a healthy, balanced plan that does not eliminate food groups and allows a huge degree of flexibility.  I enjoy support that Slimming World provides and the success stories are amazing…but you do have to put the effort in…They don’t hand you a magic motivation pill when you sign up…but their Image Therapy does a great job from a motivational perspective for me!

Given what I have mentioned, and the situation I was in, I think you can see that I had plenty of motivation to stick to the plan.  It was hard initially and for the first six months my weight was up and down as I really struggled with my old habits.  I remember losing 19lbs one week, yet putting on 13lbs in another week.  The first six months were hard, but my consultant stuck with me and I managed to lose 2st during that period.  I was then diagnosed with diabetes and that gave me a real kick to start taking things seriously.  I don’t know why, as I had plenty of other health reasons – such a cancerous cells in my womb – that should have spurred me on – but the diabetes diagnosis and a chat with the psychologist saw a ‘light bulb’ moment happening.  Since August 2012 – nine months – I have lost 10st…And that is enough to keep me going!  The changes to my health and my mood keep me going.  The joy on the faces of my niece and nephew when I take them to the park keeps me going.  And the fact that I can now spend more quality time with my horses spurs me on.

I began blogging as a way to document my journey and have found it very therapeutic!  I have suffered a good deal of abuse from people regarding my weight and so was losing my faith a little…but the people I interact with on Twitter and Facebook and via my blog are wonderful and have helped to restore that faith.  You can follow my journey on my website, which is where my daily blog posts can be found, at Xanax Online Uk Forum and on Twitter Alprazolam Purchase Online and also on Facebook by searching ‘weight loss bitch’ once you have logged in!

Q2) can you tell me why you have you chosen to remain anonymous, I think this is really cool but just curious and if it is for a big reveal that will be amazing?

Embarrassment is the reason that I chose to remain anonymous!  I hated the fact that I had let myself get to 43st+ and was desperately embarrassed.  As a well-educated person (I have post graduate and masters qualifications – not that this matters!) I was always cognisant of the fact that people must wonder why on earth I had let myself get to that stage.  I couldn’t claim that I didn’t understand about calories and didn’t know that the foods I ate were awful, yet I still ate.  So I wanted a way of documenting my journey and connecting with people who would form part of my support network, without actually ‘outing’ myself and having those in my personal life knowing all about the issues I had…still have!  Now of course, there is the issue of when I reveal who I am…and I think that it would be quite exciting to do this when I hit target.  I am taking progress pictures along the way…so there will be plenty of me for you to see.  The name ‘Weight Loss Bitch’ relates to the abuse I get…and the day that I am called a ‘bitch’ instead of a ‘fat bitch’ will be the day that I know I have cracked my weight loss!  I would hate for anyone to think it means that I am a bitch…although I can be quite feisty at times! 😉

Q3) what was your typical day in regards to food consumption before you joined SW and how does it compare to what you have now?

So I have split this into a typical weekday / weekend day ‘Pre-Slimming World’…

Breakfast: Four slices of toast with butter / two McDonalds double sausage and egg McMuffin meals
Lunch: A couple of packet sandwiches and a few bags of crisps and a chocolate bar…plus cakes from the office / two McDonalds BigMac meals
Dinner: Takeaway – so either Indian, Chinese or Pizza…with side orders
Snacks: A constant binge each evening from the moment I stepped in the house…with probably a couple of packet sandwiches eaten in the car on the way home, followed by six sausage rolls, a couple of scotch eggs, a multipack of crisps, a family bag of chocolate – and maybe biscuits or ice cream

A typical Slimming World days eating would be…

Breakfast:  Cereal bars and a banana, or porridge and a banana.

Lunch:  Soup or leftovers from the night before – today was Thai red curry leftovers which was packed full of veggies and chicken and cooked without oil, and the coconut milk was replaced with a low fat / low syn coconut yogurt.

Dinner:  My dinners vary hugely now – sometimes it will be a healthy roast dinner with chicken, roast potatoes, and loads of veggies – or it might be a curry, or a tagine, or a pasta dish.  The difference now is that they are absolutely packed full of veggies and are cooked from scratch!

Snacks:  I love my savoury food, so use my syns for Snack a Jacks, or French Fries, or even the occasional cheese toasty.

Q4) Do you remember the first time you walked into your Slimming World to join and what did it feel like, what was going through your head and how did you feel when you got home?

I do!  I knew I was incredibly heavy and I knew that the scales would not be able to weigh me, so I had called my consultant beforehand to chat to her about this…and she arranged for some special scales from HQ to be delivered for me!  The normal scales weigh upto 39st and I was 43st 5.5lbs when I weighed in on the first night, in February 2012.  This wasn’t a shock to me as I had been under the care of the weight loss surgery team and had been weighed on their scales…so I had an idea.  However, I was at that point in time quite a recluse…I could hardly walk and did not like being seen in public, so my Mum and my lovely other half came with me for moral support, and I weighed in a little earlier.  My consultant is fabulous and explained the plan – even though I had followed the plan before – and I was confident that I could lose some weight.  Just being out in public was a huge deal for me, so it wasn’t that the plan was running through my mind, it was more that I was worried that people would be judgemental.  They weren’t however!  They were lovely, although I did move to another group ran by my consultant as it fitted with our daily schedule…and is a morning group, which helped me to conquer my habit of not eating on weigh in day!

Q5) How has your life changed because of your weight loss so far & Slimming World -which is 12 stone and is totally amazing by the way? Do you feel you are finally conquering those food demons?

My life has changed dramatically!  Especially from a health perspective.  I used to go to bed each night wondering if I would wake up, and I had warned my other half that if I was ill in the night that he would have to tell the ‘999’ people that I needed a larger ambulance due to my weight.  I wondered how the ambulance crew would get me down the stairs!  I couldn’t sleep properly and would be up in the night at least eight times to use the bathroom…as my diabetes had not been diagnosed at that point.  I would fall asleep during the day as I think that my body was shutting down and I know that my family were so worried about me…but I just would not listen to their concerns!  I couldn’t walk more than a few paces without being in immense pain and being incredibly breathless, and I couldn’t even climb into the shower.  And now – I can babysit for my young niece and nephew and take them to the park, and I can teach my niece to ride my little Shetland pony…when last year I just had to sit and watch.  My diabetes and blood sugar levels have improved dramatically and I have decided that I do not want to have weight loss surgery…I can do this without surgical intervention!  Life is improving daily.  As for the food demons, this is a constant battle and I don’t think that I would ever say I had completely conquered them.  For me, I think they are like the wolf at the door…always there, waiting for an opportunity.  It gets easier to deal with them, and if I do have a blip – which is rare – I find that I can deal with it and move on far quicker than I used to.  It is important for me to eat healthily for the rest of my life, but I have to accept that there will be times that I slip up and perhaps order a not so healthy meal when I eat out…but we all do that and the trick is to just move on quickly.

Q6) what are the biggest lessons/takeaways you have gained from your weight loss experience with Slimming World so far?

My biggest ‘light bulb’ moment was realising that eating this way is good for me.  Now this might sound incredibly stupid, but when I had attempted to lose weight with Slimming World before I always saw it as a prison; it was stopping me from doing what I wanted to do – which was eat rubbish food.  But now, I realise that eating this way is giving me my life back – so Slimming World is empowering me!  I am quite happy now to eat this way for life.  Yes, I will enjoy the odd treat and meal out, but I will be right back onto my healthy eating plan as quick as I can be!  Slimming World, and my poor consultant, are stuck with me now!

Q7) I don’t exercise and I should really and if you can do it so can I…do you do exercise, if so what do you do, how often?

I love exercising and was once a gym-goer…five days a week!  Unfortunately my body now doesn’t often comply and I seem to get started and then have to rest for a few days.  For example my leg is causing me an issue at the moment; I think I have a partially trapped nerve at the top of my leg / hip and so I can be fine and then it will just ‘go’!  Which is incredibly frustrating.  But, I do love Body Pump and Boxing and can do these seated if I need to – and don’t be fooled…just because you are seated it does not mean that the exercise is any less.  My muscles feel the benefit and I feel the muscle soreness at times…so it works!  I also do sit ups too…so there is always something you can do – even if it is just some bicep curls whilst watching TV.  As I am still over 31st, I can lose weight without the exercise…which is a bonus…but personally I love the feeling from a good workout.  Not only do you tone up and change your shape to a certain extent, but you get such a mood boost too.  And I am rather partial to the buzz I get from exercising – the sense of achievement of dragging this body on the treadmill is great, even if I can only manage five minutes.  I am aiming to build up to 30 minutes each day…which is a tiny proportion of the many hours in a day!  And I hope to join the gym again when I am able to make the most of the facilities.  So I will build up my fitness at home and then join…and I am looking forward to it.  So is my other half as I had to take down my dining table in order to fit my treadmill in the lounge…he will get his table back once I join the gym!

Q8) what would you say to someone in the same situation as you BUT thinking about drastic surgery as a solution?

Look, surgery wasn’t something I wanted…even when I was crying my eyes out in the psychologists office and begging him to sign me off as fit for surgery!  I had convinced myself – and been told by many professionals – that I could not lose weight without surgical intervention.  My main concern with surgery is that I don’t feel it addresses the psychological aspects surrounding why we eat to excess.  But it can and does work for some people.  There are those that say they have tried everything and just do not lose weight.  I was one of those people too though!  But hey, each to their own…I just feel that putting yourself through life-threatening surgery that is going to change the way in which your body deals with food is not ideal…especially when your mind still craves the food that you can no longer eat – that sounds like torture to me.  A better solution for me is to work on your mind and let your body follow.  And it can be done – it just takes hard work and it isn’t easy.  But neither is surgery…and I know which I would rather!  Surgery can solve some health issues – such as diabetes – almost overnight…but you can manage diabetes with a healthy diet too.  For me, the professionals have to question whether or not that person can lose weight without the surgery, and unfortunately the evidence shows that people of my size can’t…I would like to be the exception to this rule and show that it can be done.

Q9) Which Slimming World plan do you follow and what is a typical day for you?

Gosh…a typical day?  I like to mix the plans – and so I might have three Extra Easy days, a couple of Green days and a couple of Original days.  When I first joined Slimming World – years ago! – Extra Easy had not been launched, so I am fortunate in that I now know all three plans well.  I try and have larger meals so that I don’t snack all day…as I am trying to learn to recognise the difference between true hunger and emotional hunger.  So I like to cut snacks out during the day in order to get a better sense of my hunger signals.  This means three meals and snacks in the evening, which used to be my binge eating time…and so I save my syns for the evening in most cases to enjoy my Snack a Jacks.  My weeks are fairly varied – last week was an Extra Easy week, and this week has been so far…but I think that it is good to try all of the plans and see which you enjoy.  If you enjoy your eating then you are more likely to stick to it!  However, you still need to remember your Superfree food…a Green day isn’t an excuse to eat tonnes of pasta with no veggies! 😉

Q10) what are you aspirations for the future when you hit your target weight and how do you plan to celebrate?

My biggest pleasure would be helping others to lose weight!  If I can inspire just one person then I will be incredibly happy.  I would love to become a Foster Carer – as my Mum is – as I have seen the difference that a loving and supportive home can make…and I know that my weight would have prevented me from being able to provide the level of care needed.  There are so many things that I want to do…I want to find my old boss who bullied me – even though she was an HR professional – and give her the ‘V’s’ haha!  Above all else, I would just like to be healthy and to have an active lifestyle.  My horses are my passion and so being able to ride again will be amazing.  And I also want to marry my other half…but I won’t do this until I can fit into my dream dress!  I have no idea how I will celebrate as I cannot even begin to imagine how I will feel at that point in time – I know that there will be tears and laughter…and probably a nice holiday and a big family celebration!

You can find her on twitter @weightlossbitch go to Facebook and find “weightlossbitch” page and check out her Xanax Sales Onlinefor her daily updates and blog posts, I intend to follow her journey right to the end and can’t wait for the final update :-)

Buy Bulk Xanax Online, Buying Alprazolam Online Cheap

Currently following Slimming World this blog is about my personal diet journey for long term changes and so i can look fabulous on my wedding day. You will find reviews of diet products, lots of tasty recipes and diet tips to help and inspire others on their diet journeys.

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